V C Saunders Enginering

Established in 1954, Saunders are a leading UK Manufacturer of trade strength Commercial Van Roof Racks and Van Accessories.

We've been manufacturing high quality, wiremesh or tubular car dog guards for all popular makes & models since 1965.

Van Roof Bars and Van Roof Racks

Saunders produce the UK’s strongest, most corrosion resistant commercial van roof bars and roof racks.

Often copied, what you may not know is just how our van bars and van racks compare to some of the newer, lightweight systems currently on the market. For example, we use 2mm gauge steel for our van crossbars. This is 25% stronger than other steel bars and over 30% stronger than aluminium bars. To this we add 30 microns of hot-dip galvanizing or over 4 times as much as our competitors. Why?
Because our van bars are designed to last, not bend and safely carry the maximum permissible weight recommended by commercial vehicle manufacturers.

Don’t be fooled by light anodised aluminium either, once this surface is scratched it will rust.

All our fixings are accessible from above, making it easier and quicker to power fit our systems. By pre assembling and pre setting the angle of our front air deflector for example we’ve reduced the fitting time by 15 minutes.

We have greatly simplified our van roof bar pricing to just 12 main prices for our entire roof bar and modular rack range.

Whilst other manufacturers are increasing their van roof bar and van roof rack prices, we’ve reduced the majority of ours effective from 1st September 2013.

Car Dog Guards

Our founder invented car dog guards back in the 1960's. Today they are made from steel and aluminium and shoudn't be confused with lighter, less robust car dog guards on the market.

Our's are the best with the following features;

  • Headrest mounted using quick release buckles
  • UK Design & Manufacture
  • No roof or hatchback mounting points, tools or drilling required
  • ‘W‘ shaped rear seat leg assembly maximizes valuable boot space
  • Full height & width adjustment
  • Very strong tubular steel construction
  • Wire Mesh available in black satin, tubular in grey satin
  • Easy to fit with full fitting pack & instructions supplied

We have 4 car dog guard sizes (small, medium, large and extra large) which will fit virtually all car makes and models. These sizes fill the top of the rear seat to roof gaps as follows;

Small 93 range 17cm to 25cm seat to roof gap

Medium 94 range 25cm to 33cm seat to roof gap

Large 95 range 33cm to 41cm seat to roof gap

Extra Large 96 range 41cm+ seat to roof gap

Two styles are available. Black satin wire mesh or silver satin tubular. Simply add T or W to the above size for your car eg T93 for a small tubular car dog guard that fills a gap between the top of the rear seat to the roof of between 17cm to 25cm.

V C Saunders Enginering Overview