Vacuum Furnace Engineering Ltd

We offer an unrivaled and comprehensive service and design capability to users of all makes of vacuum furnaces.

Since our establishment in 1985, our company has seen continual growth based upon hands-on service, ensuring solid customer confidence to become the leading specialist in redesign, overhaul and repair of vacuum furnaces. The experience in problem solving gained by VFE covers all aspects of vacuum furnace technology on any make of installation including vacuum heat treatment and brazing, vacuum melting and casting, diffusion bonding and vacuum coating.

Melting and Casting Furnaces

We are UK Sales, engineering and service support agents for Retech Systems LLC. We specialise in melting and casting furnaces. Retech have supplied technically advanced metallurgical processing products into Europe, Asia and North America for almost 30 years.

The combined efforts of VFE and Retech Sales and Service engineering are key elements in ensuring ongoing customer support. If you are looking for melting and casting furnaces or relevant solutions, we can help.

Melting and Casting Furnaces

Vacuum Furnace Repair

If you require vacuum furnace repair, we have the services for you. We are leading specialists in the redesign, overhaul, refurbishment and repair of any make of vacuum furnace.

The scope of supply undertaken by us regarding vacuum furnace repair and redesign encompasses all aspects of vacuum furnace technology including:

  • Hot zones - graphite, all-metallic and composite designs
  • Control systems - from basic instrumentation replacement to the latest microprocessor and PC supervisory packages
  • Vacuum pumping solutions - improved speed and ultimate vacuum levels
  • Spare parts supply
  • Leak detection
Vacuum Furnace Repair

Vacuum Furnace Spares

We specialise in vacuum furnace repairs and also supply vacuum furnace spares. We are able to offer an extensive range of spare parts backed by a ISO 9001 approved Quality Assurance System.

Vacuum furnace spares and further services and solutions we provide include:

  • Non-stock items available on short delivery
  • Spares support includes the re-design and development of ‘problem’ items
  • Hot zone spares
  • Machined graphite parts
  • Vacuum seals and components
  • Vacuum fluids and oils
  • Vacuum and temperature control instrumentation
  • Single spares items through to complete recommended spare part kits
  • Dedicated staff providing spare parts support
Vacuum Furnace Spares

Vacuum Furnace Engineering Ltd Overview