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The solutions developed by Valassis enable both brands and retailers to ensure all the essential ingredients necessary for a successful campaign are addressed at each stage of the coupon cycle.

Brand Solutions

Redemption & Settlement Services for Coupon Issuers. When outsourcing the redemption and settlement of digital and paper coupons, we recognise that our clients have four key things in mind: Managed risk, simplicity, control and value for money.


Coupons are primed for an evolutionary leap ………

VERSO™ is an omnichannel managed software solution for real time redemption decisioning at point of sale (POS). It improves coupon performance and provides a secure platform for smartphone coupons.

VERSO™ is an innovation which brings a new level of intelligence to the retailer POS, guaranteeing that the product is purchased and all other conditions of use are met before being accepted and the settlement process being initiated.

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