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If you are sourcing for new products, assemblies and components or outsourcing existing products, assemblies and components, then look no further. We can help you to find the right suppliers, in the right supply chain, for you.  Sourcing or outsourcing with Valcon Prague can giving you a complete supply chain solution, enable you to reduce your production costs by up to 40 percent.

Our focus is on Central and Eastern Europe -- the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, and Romania -- if you need to go further we also have international offices in China and India.

Please contact us to speak to a British engineer.

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Assembled Products

Our experienced team are able to outsource existing components and assembled products to reduce your production costs, increase your scope and help you win bigger and better contracts. We are able to source components and assembled products from Central and Eastern EuropeChina, India, in small, medium and large quantities.

We help manage large sourcing projects for clients in the Construction / Energy industries, or for the manufacture of complex machinery used for example in building and agriculture. We currently work with clients to provide both heavy and light welded fabrications and assembly including rolling large cylinders / masts / pylons. We provide complete machine assembles or sub-assemblies. Using our certified welding engineers on site, we help ensure supplier documentation and inspections are being completed correctly, providing our own secondary critical measurement and welding inspection to help double ensure end product quality.

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Supply Chain

In Central and Eastern Europe, we have extensive experience in being able to quickly identify the right supply chain and suppliers for you.

To provide you with a complete supply chain solution, we work alongside our Chinese and Indian offices for small, large and medium volumes as required.

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Supplier development and operational excellence in CEE

If you are already sourcing from Central and Eastern Europe, or have a factory in this region, we are able to assist you with supplier development and operational excellence programmes.

We have many years of experience in sourcing from Central and Eastern Europe. As experts in supplier development and operational excellence, we can provide you with a full range of management consulting services.

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Transferring to Central and Eastern Europe

If you are considering expanding abroad or transferring to Central and Eastern Europe (offshoring), we can help.

We have successfully helped management teams developed the right strategies for their companies requiring complex European footprints, including large multi site manufacturing companies with thousands of employees.

We also work with small and medium sized companies: e.g. bringing factories up to and above the productivity standards expected after a transfers or by undertaking multi site cost down programmes.

We undertake similar activities in the service sector e.g. improving the productivity of a call centres (call centres) in Poland.

With over 20 years of experience, we can enable you to transfer to Central and Eastern Europe with low risk, and, in many cases improved productivity. You can seriously improve your margin and competitiveness within your manufacturing or service sector.

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While most companies and organisations are currently experiencing a marked increase in new opportunities, they are increasingly vulnerable to threats. Meanwhile, the consequences of taking inappropriate action, reacting too late or failing to react at all are more dire than ever before.

CFO Services

The CFO's role and responsibility have radically changed in the wake of the economic recession and the subsequent turbulence in the financial markets, a fall in corporate growth and profitability and the new conditions for securing financing.


Procurement is the fastest and most effective function for generating significant improvements when it comes to profitability and value creation in a company or public organisation.

Over the short term (1-6 months) Procurement can deliver significant, direct, bottom-line savings (which in the case of the public organisation means getting more out of the allocated budget framework).


Valcon Design is a management consulting firm with a solid technological base.

We consult management at both strategic, tactical and operational levels with a specific focus on increasing controllability in R&D with the aim of achieving a faster and more streamlined product development process and to develop products with a more predictable and reliable performance at a lower cost.

Commercial Excellence

The art of selling is undergoing rapid transformation requiring insight, innovative solutions and an excellent sales operation more than ever to stay ahead of competition.

The harsh reality is that the elimination race in mature and emerging markets has greatly intensified. To ensure future growth, companies must constantly be on the lookout for new sources of revenue and intelligent sales channels.


Innovation and product development have become crucial parameters for corporate success. In other words, if you want to strengthen (or simply maintain) your market position, it is essential to continually improve competitiveness by means of new and improved products or services.

Maritime Technology

The shipping industry handles 90% of world trade. Global fleets also emit between 600 and 800 million tonnes of CO2, corresponding to 5% of total global emissions. Given the rapid increase in global trade, emissions are expected to rise by as much as 75% over the next 15 years.

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