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We were established in Dartmouth in 1969 providing the Braystoke impeller flow meters product range. The company has grown since then providing products covering many aspects of environmental, river, estuarine, coastal, oceanographic and hydrographic instrumentation and a customer base that includes many leading academic, research and commercial organisations throughout the world.

We have have an ongoing research and development programme into sensors and instruments and have long established links with universities, institutes and other research organisations, to ensure the product range is continuously updated to meet user requirements.

Since our inception, we have maintained a policy of investment in a wide range of in-house skills and facilities that include electronic and mechanical design, development, manufacture, assembly, test and calibration. This gives the company direct control of all engineering activities and thus enables it to provide long term product support. The adjacent River Dart, its estuary and the proximity of the open sea, enable field testing and evaluation of oceanographic and hydrographic instrumentation to be carried out.

Tide Gauges

We have tide gauges that can be used for a variety of applications and the performance and reliability of our products are second to none.

Tide gauges provide the user with tidal information. This tidal information is ideal for clients who are involved in surveying, port and harbour dredging duties, instrumentation deployments and many other marine applications.

We have tide gauges that can be used in shore based or offshore and seabed applications.

We can offer telemetry packages to compliment all our tide gauge equipment. These packages have:

  • Network capabilities
  • The ability to provide 'real time' information
  • The ability to log tidal information
  • Fixed displays or access through the internet
  • And the ability to transmit data over a variety of telemetry links.
Tide Gauges

Wave Recorders

 Wave recorders analyse pressure and current oscillations in waves.

Wave recorders provide information processing integral to the system. Our wave recorders produce descriptive statistics and high resolution spectra for energy and direction. The data is also stored in a raw format so you can perform your own processing at a later date.

We offer a comprehensive range of wave recorders. They all provide simplicity and versatility to ensure the correct data is collected every time.

Wave Recorders

Current Meters

We stock a comprehensive range of current meters on offer. Our current meters have either an impeller mechanism or the more accurate electromagnetic type

We have current meters that can be used for hand held measurements in the small streams, modelling experiments in the laboratory and self-contained instruments for the deep ocean, ROVs, estuaries and navigable rivers.

Our current meters measure the helix speed in the water's rotation. To stop the need for specific lubricants we use PTFE bearings.

Current Meters

Echosounders and Bathymetry Instruments

Valeport offer a variety of integrated echosounders and bathymetry instrumental packages designed to produce high quality data. 

Valeport's echosounders and bathymetry instruments use digital signal processing techniques that are unique.

Whatever your application Valeport have echosounders and bathymetry instruments to meet the needs of your application.

Echosounders and Bathymetry Instruments

Sound Velocity

Valeport are world leaders in sound velocity technology. Having innovative designs and being meticulous throughout the design, manufacture, and calibration process has allowed us to achieve this.

Our products offer a level of performance that easily surpasses our competition.

Our sound velocity technology has an operating range of 1375m/s, data rates up to 60HZ, precision of ±0.002m/s and genuine accuracy of ±0.02m/s.

Valeport have a comprehensive stock of sound velocity technology products and can manufacture customised solutions.

Sound Velocity

Ocean Engineering

We have the perfect Ocean Engineering package for many applications. Our precision oceanographic instruments are carefully designed and fabricated and we have over 40 years experience in the manufacture of Ocean Engineering Systems.

Our range of Ocean Engineering products are specifically designed to interface easily with third party systems and allow for the assembly of complex packages.

Ocean Engineering

CTD and Multi-parameter Instruments

Our broad choice of CTD and multi-parameter Instruments includes:

  • Portable systems that can be held personally
  • Devices for monitoring over longer periods
  • Add on sensors for OEM applications
  • Multiparameter profiling systems for deep ocean applications 

Our CTD and multi-parameter Instruments utilise inductive conductivity sensors and to ensure the accuracy is high they use digital sampling techniques.

To give the sensor more stability at various depths our CTD and multi-parameter instruments have a special construction.

CTD and Multi-parameter Instruments


Telemetry instruments provide the solution if you need to transmit data in a reliable way as well as quickly and with the cost in mind from locations that are remote.

We have a broad range of telemetry instruments. We stock range independent GSM/GPRS modules, medium range VHF/UHF radio modules and short range Bluetooth modules.

The telemetry instruments can be mounted on buoys or platforms for offshore installations or housed in rugged housings for shore based communications. 


Subsea Altimeter

We are proud to announce the newest subsea altimeter, the VA500 Altimeter. Our newest subsea altimeter uses a modern signal processing broadband transducer to provide stable, repeatable readings to a resolution of 1mm over a range of 0.1m-100m.

Our subsea altimeter is a step forward in performance for a 500KHz altimeter. Our subsea altimeter can have a range of power supplies and can have both digital and analogue outputs.

The VA500 is robustly built in titanium to reduce corrosion problems. OEM and right angled package configurations are available if requested.

Subsea Altimeter
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