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Here at Valmet Limited, we are the leading global developer and supplier of technologies, automation and services for the energy, pulp and paper industries. We operate globally and aim to improve your operating efficiency and lower your production costs at all times.

Valmet Local Services

Valmet’s services cover everything from maintenance outsourcing to mill and plant improvements and spare parts. The strong technology offering includes pulp mills, tissue, board and paper production lines, as well as power plants for bio-energy production.

From our two UK sites in Haslingden and Darwen we are able to provide an extensive range of services.  We have the expertise and technology to understand your production process - from power generation and pulp production to paper making, stock preperation, Headbox servicing, coating applications, machine process applications, finishing, reeling, winding and wrapping equipment & servicing.

Valmet Local Services

Turning, Thermal Spraying, Profling & Taper Grinding

Our workshop is well equipped to handle long turning jobs and  has excellent milling and boring facilities utlising large capacity machinery operated by highly skilled personnel.  Facilities include equipment for profiling and taper grinding of cylindrical components, dynamic balancing and function tests for suction role inpsections.  We are unique in our thermal-spray coating services for surface finishing of large, heavy components.  Ferrous and non-ferrous materials, ceramics, carbides and many Polymer based materials can be applied to a variety of industrial components.  Valmet is continually developing thermal-spray materials, application methods and coating functions.  Thermal spraying and grinding can be peformed in-situ.

Turning, Thermal Spraying, Profling & Taper Grinding

Alignment and maintenance services

Valmet in the UK provide vital multi-disciplined engineering maintenance support 24/7 to paper mills, converting and printing plants as well as to the utilitities and steel industries.  Specialised services include optical and laser alignment suited to mechanical components in all industries, particularly alignment for all types of paper machine rolls and cylinders in addition to Doctor maintenance and alignment in both hot and cold setting.  Ou on-site teams include highly skilled mechanical engineers, fabricators and pipe fitters working in close support to our Haslingden workshop.




Mill Site Services and Engineering

Valmet's engineering services are a combination of local and global resources that cover projects from the concept planning stage through process and mechanical design stages to turnkey installations.  Qualiy and productivity assessments of existing equipment.

Mill Site Services and Engineering

Machine Relocations

Our experienced and qualified team based in the UK can deliver complete shipping and installation solutions combining relocated or new machinery for delivery worldwide.  We have extensive experience of successfully dismantling and reassembling plant and industrial equipmen of all sizes and complexities within the Paper, Tissue, Food Processing, Converting, Printing and other industries.  Our meticulous machinery matchmarking process ensures everything is in order for reassembly anywhere in the world, with detailed, easy to follow documentation.  Complete turnkey solutions ensure all machinery and equipment can be installed in a new location in the same condition as the original installation.

Machine Relocations

Yankee Dryer, MG Dryer Resurfacing

Valmet Limited can undertake a complete operating survey on a Yankee or MG dryer using state-of-the-art analysis and diagnostic techniques.  Unique thermal imaging techniques originally developed for the aerospace industry will locate potential trouble spots on an otherwise serviceable dryer, thus preventing unscheduled shutdowns.  Valmet can advise on the operational life of the cylinder and the optimum time for treatment, whether a brief shutdown for a small problem or a complete refurbishment is needed.

Machine Clothing, Filter Fabrics

Valmet is today also one of the world's leading manufacturers of technical textiles.  Products include paper and board machine clothing as well as filter fabrics for forest, mining, chemical, power and construction industries.  Tailor made according to the needs of our customers, ensures that the specific requirements of each application, machine and position are fully met.

Power Plant Services UK & Ireland

It is our mission to keep your productivity at its optimum level. Our maintenance service covers everything from fast, on-call breakdown repairs and troubleshooting, to planned, routine and strategic undertakings in conjunction with our technical and consultancy services. Our highly skilled and well equipped workforce will ensure your work is completed within rigid time constraints to the level of quality and safety that is synonymous with the Valmet brand.

Paper Machine Spare Parts

Our daily spares offering includes a full range of engineered parts by Valmet, upgraded retrofit parts, replacement and commercial parts. All daily spares are designed and manufactured according to very strict quality requirements.
It is not just the quality of spare parts that matters; the right parts need to be at the right place at the right time. Valmet's spares are quickly and easily available, since we have a dedicated information, sourcing and logistics network. Specialists in our logistics centres and service centres are in continuous contact with customers' mills, ensuring prompt local deliveries of all stock items.

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