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Mad Maths for iPhone and iPad

Mad Maths is a great game for all ages. You can select various levels of maths problems to give you a fun way to keep your brain active.

It’s quick, it’s all action and it’s maths. What’s not to like?

Select the play level and arithmetic type (add, subtract, multiply, divide, or all), select one or two players and off you go.

You need to answer the questions as quickly as possible with as few mistakes as possible. The pressure is on as there is a rather short-fused bomb waiting to explode! So don’t take too long to come up with the answers! At the end of the game the score appears on a scoreboard and you can even share your score with other users.

With the two-user option, two players play against each other as fast as possible. It’s an exciting game that demands the right mix of intelligence and speed.

Key features:

One and two player option

Fun visual timer



Additional mad button options

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Mad Maths for iPhone and iPad


Quickly finding the right document on a large company network can be a daunting task. Especially if you are an employee connected to the office via VPN.

Not anymore! vSearch is an easy-to-install solution which allows employees to quickly search files using its powerful search engine, without needing to locate and browse through the actual files on the server.

Many common file formats are supported, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe PDF Reader, Rich Text (RTF), HTML, text etc.

vSearch is a very powerful tool, especially for employees logging in remotely to the company network, as it only uses an indexed copy of all the documents on the server, rather than the actual documents. This makes it super-fast. Employees can very quickly find the document they need and check the content in the summary before they open it.

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vClip is one of those tools you may not know you need, but once you’ve got it, you can’t live without it.

It is a discreet application that becomes a semi-transparent unobtrusive bar on your desktop. It will keep track of all text that you copy throughout the day, so you can reuse each item whenever you need it.

With vClip Pro you can also store file links and images used on your clipboard.

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