Vapor-Tek Ltd

Vapor-Tek Ltd specialises in the development and manufacture of high quality corrosion preventives, for the protection of metal parts, machinery and equipment during storage, transportation and export.

In addition to solvent and oil-based coatings the company produces a range of vapour-phase (volatile) corrosion preventives for the protection of internal areas such as:

• Engines • Gearboxes • Fuel Tanks • Export packages • Hydraulic Systems, etc.

• In addition, the company provides solutions for the manufacture of VCI papers and board.

Vapor-Tek has developed a unique grease (Cablegard) for the protection of overhead power lines (conductors). Most conductors are ACSRs (aluminium conductor steel reinforced) and consist of aluminium strands reinforced by galvanised steel. Accordingly, all three metals must be protected. The grease has unique rheological (flow) properties which allow it to be applied at room temperature, thus avoiding the problems of applying a molten grease.

Cablegard is designed to prolong the life of the conductors and is manufactured to internationally approved standards. It is now exported worldwide and recognised as the ‘gold standard’ of corrosion preventive conductor greases.

The company manufactures solvent-deposited water displacing corrosion preventives to a Ministry of Defence specification DEF STAN 68-10 (PX-24, NATO Code C-634). The product is used to preserve jet and gas turbine engines and electrical items such as field telecommunication equipment. The material has also been tested & approved for use within the Royal Navy submarine fleet.

The company’s philosophy is to provide products which afford the highest possible level of protection at a reasonable cost and never to compromise on quality.

In this way, we compete successfully against our larger competitors. Our customers appreciate that, when it comes to the protection of high-value metal goods, the use of inferior protectives can be a costly and sometimes disastrous option.

As a small family firm, Vapor-Tek is able to respond quickly to customers’ requirements and offer a personalised service.


Vapor-Tek Ltd Overview