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Vapormatt Engineers have been designing and manufacturing high quality Wet Blast Machines for over 40 years. They are considered by many to be the world leaders in wet blasting.

This level of expertise is available not only by use of Vapormatt equipment within your own facility but also as an outsourced process from a Vapormatt Wet Blasting Centre.   Vapormatt Cougar 15  (Pictured)
Heavy duty manual wet blasting cabinet.  Cabinet size; 1350mm. x 2200mm.  Suitable for all blasting operations.  Available with a range of options, including; turntable (diameter 1350mm) and several basic automation systems.  Superb modern design allows minimal footprint for a maximum working volume.

Automatic Surface Cleaning

The Company designs and manufactures manual and automatic surface cleaning, peening and finishing machines, using the Vapormatt Wet Blast and High Pressure Water Systems.
Bio-degradable degreasing compounds can be added to the water which further extends the capability of the process - in a single operation components can be degreased and super-finished.

Solvent Cleaning

Safespray 3

The "V Clean RTU" degreasers ensure a high performance cleaning / degreasing effect.
Safespray 3 is a totally integrated system where machine and chemical work in perfect harmony to provide outstanding performance over a wide range of applications.

  • No protective clothing required
  • Simple and easy to use safely
  • Degreases
  • Ecomical Operation
  • Operator Comfort
  • Safe

Decontaminating Nuclear Establishments

Decomatt System
Decomatt is today's answer for cleaning and decontaminating radioactive parts and equipment in nuclear establishments.
Proven in nuclear power stations throughout the world, liquid abrasive decontamination provides for, controlled cleaning and free release of components, tools and parts for reuse or for conventional disposal.  Decomatt is a must for your volume reduction program.

Unlike other equipment the Decomatt System contains all pressured abrasive delivery lines within the cabinet to completely eliminate the danger of leakage as a result of system failure.  In addition, the design minimizes space required which is at a premium in nuclear plants.


Traditional methods of blacking iron and steel machined parts involve the use of aggressive caustic-based solutions, often in open tanks, operating at temperatures up to 140°C.

The process comprises wet blast pre-cleaning in the first chamber to remove surface contamination, such as heat treatment oxides and scale, followed by blacking with Blackfast 181 blacking solution in the second chamber, a water wash and then the application of a surface sealant (Blackfast 833) using dip tanks mounted to the right of the second chamber. The operation is carried out manually under preset process control parameters.

Extrusion Die Cleaning

To reduce the damage caused by soft shot blast cleaning of extrusion dies, Vapormatt have developed a Die Cleaning System using a mixture of water, fine aluminous oxide, and compressed air, which does little or no damage to sharp edges and fine profiles.

In-Line Wire Processing

Cleaning continuous wire / strip and short length rod by the Vapormatt process. A compact special-purpose Vapormatt Machine has been developed to remove heat treatment oxides, and lacquer, oil and grease, from wire, rod and strip. The unit has been designed to fit into the wire drawing or rod production line.




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