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Here, at Variohm Eurosensor we have over four decades of experience in supplying a vast range of reliable sensor solutions to a multitude of industries including Medical, Aerospace, Autosport, Motorsport and Agriculture.

We believe that knowledge is key and because of this our sales team regularly meet with our key suppliers and partners to keep up to date with product ranges so that they know our products and our partner’s products inside and out. We also have a large ex-stock range of products or products with a stock model which can be available in only 7 days.

Our specialist technical support along with our ability to deliver products quickly and efficiently enables us to provide our customers with first class support when it comes to sensors. So whether you are a small, large, local or international corporation; we want to hear from you.   


Position Sensors

Position sensors are one of our most popular product categories; we have supplied many different applications. Position Sensing is a very broad category and there are lots of different types of position sensors which are suitable for different applications and measurements.

Linear Position Sensors and Transducers - common types of position sensor, this range includes our VLP.

Non Contacting Linear Position Sensors - magnetostrictive, inductive and hall effect non contacting linear sensors and transducers.

In-Cylinder Linear Position Sensors - well suited to hydraulic and pneumatic applications, with unlimited mechanical life and absolute output voltage or current.

Cable Extension Transducers - also known as “string pots” or “draw wire sensors” cable extension transducers are available in a range of various stroke ranges for use in different industries.

Rotary Position Sensors - a variety of housings available and technologies including conductive plastic and cermet technology.

Non Contacting Rotary Position Sensors - Hall Effect sensors are very popular within the Motorsport industry, their non contacting method means they have a long life and are mechanically robust.

Absolute Rotary and Hollow Shaft Encoders, Incremental Rotary Shaft Encoders, Incremental Rotary Hollow Shaft Encoders - rotary encoders offer high resolution with both shaft and hollow shaft options.

Membrane Potentiometers - Potentiometers which are just 0.5mm in height. We offer both dustproof and waterproof membrane potentiometers.

Multiturn Rotary Position Sensors - this type of rotary position sensor is capable of exceeding a full 360 rotation. We have sensors from up to 10 turns to up to 100 turns.

Signal Conditioners – DIN rail mounted or inline versions available

Inclinometers - available with analogue or digital output, compact designs, single axis or dual axis.

Megneto Resistive Position Sensors - these are robust and well suited to environments with high life requirements.

Hazardous Area Position Sensors - including intrinsically safe and explosion proof position sensors suitable for hazardous environments.

Position Sensors

Load Cells

Variohm EuroSensor have been the UK re-seller for Revere load cells for over 20 years and are proud that this continues today. Recently, we have been appointed the exclusive UK distributor for the Zemic load cells range, which enables our team of technical sales engineers to provide a load cell solution for your application.

We are pleased to offer Load Cells from both, Zemic and Vishay. We are the exclusive UK distributor for Zemic load cells.

We have been supplying load cells for many years now and have come across some interesting applications. The most common applications we are approached for are; On board weighing (tipper truck weighing) and platform scales.

One of our most interesting and unusual applications we were able to solve was detecting the force of the needle on a record player when playing records, different forces applied to the needle would result in a  different sound being produced so a load cell was used to monitor this.

The more value something has the greater care we take in weighing it.

As well as load cells, we can also offer compatible displays.


Load Cells

Pressure Transducer

Variohm Pressure Sensors offer a solution to all pressure applications across many industries. The Variohm Pressure Sensors range include Pressure Transducers and Pressure Switches


If you require a pressure transducer we would recommend one from our EPT range. EPT stands for Eurosensor Pressure Transducer, these products have been designed by us. Our EPT range also includes combined pressure and temperate transducers which are well suited to Motorsport applications where space is tight and environments are harsh.

Our pressure switches are another popular category – they can be factory pre-set or adjustable on site and they provide a quick, repeatable response. Their mechanical life has been tested to over 20 million cycles.

Over the years we have been a part of many pressure sensor applications, some of which have been very interesting. Pressure sensor applications we have been a part of include;

·         Alarms on HVAC and boiler room control systems

·         Monitoring oxygen pressure levels in hospitals and on medical devices

·         Indicating blocked filters on fans and kitchen extraction units

·         Drink dispensing equipment and coffee machines

·         Enhancing pump control to reduce energy costs

·         Controlling hydraulics

·         Activation/alarm inside breathalysers and medical equipment

·         Draft Pressure and low pressure Pneumatic systems

Our pressure sensors are also used in many applications on cars, for example the monitoring of; oil, fuel, water and manifold absolute pressure (MAP Sensors) as well as the brake systems on tow-cars.

Pressure Transducer

Temperature Sensors

Variohm Eurosensor is pleased to offer a complete range of Temperature Sensors, from the market leaders within Temperature Measurement. Combining their strengths Variohm are able to meet the unique demands of temperature-sensitive applications.

Temperature sensors are one of our popular product areas, you have probably come across temperature sensors in everyday life – we are surrounded by them. Obvious objects in your home, such as the kettle, toaster or boiler will contain a temperature sensor. Then there are less obvious temperature applications including monitoring the temperature in alcohol breathalysers, the tyre temperature of a Motorsport car and a whole host of patient temperature monitoring in hospitals.

Our range of temperature sensors includes; probes, NTC thermistors, digital temperature sensors, RTDs, Infrared, thermocouples, high precision thermometers and combined pressure and temperature sensors.

Temperature Sensors

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