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We are proud to present on this site, a comprehensive list of our product range, with detailed sizes and specifications for your information.

In addition to our standard products, we also design and build a wide variety of purpose made electric furnaces, industrial ovens and heat related products, which play a large part in keeping our customers at the leading edge of technology.

Everyone at Vecstar is committed to providing quality products that are not only well designed but also consistent and reliable.

We are well represented throughout the world and are always willing to help with product selection and process requirements.

Due to continuing product development and improvement, not all photographs and specification are published here.

Ovens designed to customer specification. Vecstar are able to provide ovens for both laboratory or light industrial application to NADCAP (AMS 2750D) Including all instrumentation.
High temperature ovens are available up to 750°C (1382°F) for specific heat treatment applications such as hardening, tempering and curing.
Vecstar have a comprehensive range of high temperature furnaces up to 1800°C (3272°F) using silicon carbide and MO Si2 elements.
General purpose industrial furnaces are available with free radiating wire elements and hard wearing hearth tiles. These include economy furnaces, muffle furnaces, vertical tube and horizontal tube furnaces, ashing furnaces and heat treatment furnaces.
A range of Laboratory furnaces (chamber and tube), using high grade low thermal mass insulation, digital controllers and programmers. Ideal for light to medium duty applications, with good thermal response.
For more information on heat treatment ovens, electric furnaces, calibrated ovens, etc - please use the contact button orcontact us by telephone or fax.


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