Venturi Jet Pumps

Liquid Jet Eductors use the kinetic energy of a liquid to entrain another liquid.  They completely mix the two, then discharge the mixture against a counter pressure.  They are used in large numbers throughout industry for pumping and mixing operations.

Applications are so vast, it is impossible to note all of them.

General uses include:

  • lifting
  • pumping
  • mixing and agitating of liquids
  • handling granular solids and slurries

Some of the typical applications can be seen below:

  • Draining flooded cellars, Emptying tanks and sumps or bunds, Pumping and mixing operations in oil treating systems
  • De-watering sand and coal barges, Introducing anti-knock fluids and colouring matter into gasoline
  • Continuous blending, Acidifying, Causticizing of oils, Mixing drilling mud, Producing emulsions
  • Pumping food products, Pumping sand and filter clay or activated carbon
  • Tank mixing, and various Proportioning operations

Venturi Jet Pumps Overview