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We are an industrial silencers manufacturer and design to meet a range of customer's requirements. There are a diverse number of applications where industrial silencers could be the perfect solution.

For us, as an industrial silencer manufacturer, we need to know about flowrate, up-stream pressure, up-stream temperature, connection size and type, and noise level required. With this information, we can begin to provide you with a positive, high performing solution.

Industrial Silencers

Our industrial silencers are manufactured from high quality materials such as stainless steel or carbon steel. They are manufactured specifically to suit individual requirements and silencer design can provide back-pressure to help select a valve. This is why our silencer inlets are designed and finished with reference to a design code.

Our industrial silencers are designed and constructed by our qualified and professional workforce, who with their wealth of experience, aim to provide high performance and quality built products. Our industrial silencers are manufactured in the UK and we welcome customers to inspect the final products before completion.

Our Industrial Silencer Model Range

Our industrial silencer model range depends on the requirements of flow conditions and overall performance. Our industrial silencer model range offers products able to reduce noise level to a manageable sound pressure level.


We employ a simple design principle enabling us to provide the best quality solutions for our wide customer base.

Industrial Silencer Model VDS

The industrial silencer model VDS is an atmospheric vent discharge silencer using a combination of diffuser design and absorptive core sections.

In the industrial silencer model VDS the noise and gas enters the silencer through a multi-hole diffuser. Industrial silencer model VDS can be mounted vertically or horizontally with more than one inlet.

Industrial Silencer Model CDS

Our industrial silencer model CDS is a control valve silencer and has a design similar to the acoustic design of a vent silencer.


The industrial silencer model CDS is created to a pressure code and can be manufactured to PD5500, ASME VIII or ASME B13.3.

Industrial Silencer Model DLS

The industrial silencer model DLS is a direct in-line silencer to produce as little pressure loss as possible. We design the industrial silencer model DLS to ensure low -pressure loss and are often integrated on compressor inlets and outlets. They can also be supplied as a simple acoustic core into vessels or pipe work.

Industrial Silencer Model SES and GES

Industrial silencer model SES and GES types are designed for use with gas or steam ejectors. Our industrial silencer model SES and GES are used with a calculated ejector noise and flow mixture.

Silencer Configuration

Silencer configuration determines the diameter of the silencer to safely allow gas to pass through without damaging or eroding the acoustical packing, or without regenerating noise. Silencer configuration is also based upon the length of silencer used to determine the extent of noise reduction.

Diffusers, in silencer design, can also provide a frequency shift to higher frequencies where gas passes through an absorptive section.

Vent Silencer Design

Vent silencer design is based around the function of reducing unwanted noise created by steam flow or gas in a pipeline discharging into the atmosphere. We design the silencer to convert the noise level to a frequency specified by the client.


Our vent silencer design and solutions are suited to use in high pressure vents, steam vents, safety relief valve outlets, system blow downs, and purge and flare outlets.

In-Line Silencers

Our in-line silencers are similar to vent silencers but the main function of an in-line silencer is to reduce the vibration caused by the valve noise, especially when noise is of the air born vibration.

We provide two types of outstanding in-line silencers:

  • Control Valve Silencers are designed to provide a pressure drop or back pressure and are primarily used in conjunction with a control valve. The attenuation is achieved with a combination of diffuser design and an absorptive section.
  • Direct In-Line Silencers are designed to produce as little pressure loss as possible, but achieve the required attenuation using only an absorptive section.
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