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We are an industrial silencers manufacturer and design to meet a range of customer's requirements. There are a diverse number of applications where industrial silencers could be the perfect solution.

For us, as an industrial silencer manufacturer, we need to know about flowrate, up-stream pressure, up-stream temperature, connection size and type, and noise level required. With this information, we can begin to provide you with a positive, high performing solution.

How natural gas silencers can help

How natural gas silencers can help

Noise is a by-product in all sorts of settings. However, when the noises get too loud or consistent, it can have negative effects. This varies from physical and mental health problems to lower productivity and more. So, it makes sense to put measures in place to reduce noise where possible. With our natural gas silencers and other solutions, you can do exactly this.

A little about natural gas silencers

With natural gas systems, the blowdown needs to generally happen rather fast when maintenance operations are in progress on pipelines. In most cases this will create noise readings that are much higher than tolerable levels. The noise is a result of two phenomena:

  1. The first of these is turbulent mixing. This is the ripping of the air when the vent gas decelerates to zero velocity as it discharges into the atmosphere.
  2. The other is shock noise, which is the instant loss of pressure across a choked flow device.

However, a silencer can help with the issue. It will control the blowdown and the noise that it creates. The best models have a reactive-absorptive process. This offers great attenuation for all octave frequency bands.

Silencer designs

When it comes to the design and selection of natural gas silencers, it is important to keep in mind different factors which will be specific to the application. This includes blowdown time limits, which approach will be the most value for money while meeting needs, performance, and the durability you need for the environment. In addition, you may need an evaluation of natural gas flow and to look at the noise attenuation needs.

The uses for the silencers includes combustion boilers as well as nuclear and chemical plants. In addition to this, pipelines, and petrochemical and process plants rely on them.

What Ventx can do to help reduce noise

Our expert team are able to produce all kinds of solutions to meet various specs. Feel free to get in touch with us if you want to talk more about natural gas silencers. We can also tell you all about how we can supply a solution to suit your needs.

You can call 01923 238397, send an email, or fill out the contact form on our site.

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