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New product development is a vital process of product design. We help identify the key features needed from a design brief and tailor it to fulfil client's hopes and expectations.

Veritas Design & Innovation explore marketing, budgeting and manufacturing to ensure product design meets high levels of quality.

Concept Generation

Working expertly with 3D CAD, our concept generation designers use 3D modelling techniques. This technology ensures detailed physical attributes in high-quality.

Our digitally rendered 3D models highlight texture, finishes and branding. Our use of concept boards allows our clients to view designs in greater detail and understanding.

Our concept generation can advise on many possibilities and alternatives allowing for more possibilities. 

Concept Generation


Our use of advanced 3D concepts makes the process to completed design highly efficient. Our enhanced level of 3D concepts enhances the engineering process. 

The utilization of prototyping mean a detailed prototype can be created before a project enters production. This allows us to quickly move our clients through the engineering process to produce manufacturing data.

We have knowledge of many prototyping processes and experience in delivering prototyping suitable for its marketing needs and tasks.



We work exclusively with our customers manufacturers. This ensures an easy manufacturing transition on their behalf. We have links with manufacturing companies in the UK and the Far East and are experts at managing design.


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