There is a common and long standing problem of the same colour appearing different under varying lighting conditions. Our colour quality control solutions solve this issue. We have designed and produced a number of systems which mimic daylight.

These colour quality control solutions consist of our innovative range of DigiEye systems that accurately assess colour at rapid rates.

Colour Matching Light Box

As a reliable tool for consistent control of colour, our CAC 120 colour matching light box can maintain up to four light sources at any one time. The CAC 120-5 can accommodate five light sources.

With our range of colour matching light boxes, you can specify the particular light sources to meet you exact requirements. You can also determine the voltage to meet your specification and the cabinet can be fitted with diffuser and/or dimmers.

Colour Assessment Cabinets

Our colour assessment cabinets are a vital tool for colour quality control and for determining comparisons in colour variation. The colour assessment cabinets we have designed and supply offer impeccable viewing conditions and are reliable and consistent in their results and capabilities:

A choice of three internal finishes are available:

  • Grey 5574
  • Munsell N5
  • Munsell N7
Colour Assessment Cabinets

Colour Control Cabinets

Our innovative and expertly designed and manufactured colour control cabinets offer standardised viewing conditions for the assessment of colours, ink weight, register and dot gain.

These colour control cabinets are fitted with a single light source and are available in three differing sizes. They come with magnets to hold sheets in position for presentation to customers and they are perfect for applications that need a large viewing area for print checking.

Colour Control Cabinets

Textile Testing Equipment

We supply innovative and top of the range textile testing equipment.

Our textile testing equipment includes the AATCC Viewing Board and the Pilling Assessment Viewer, A  particularly versatile machine, the Piling Assessment Viewer can accommodate the modified Martindale specimen head that enables fabric to be assessed during testing.

This unit is sold as a whole, although there can be modifications to meet your individual requirements.

Textile Testing Equipment

Proof Viewing Cabinets

We have a wide range of proof viewing cabinets. They have been designed specifically for the printing and graphics industry.

Our proof viewing cabinets include the Feniestra and the SBS range, both offer industry-best levels of visual colour proofing accuracy. They can mirror the viewing conditions on your monitor.

Proof Viewing Cabinets

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