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Established in 1986 as a manufacturer of ventilation accessories for the white goods industry, Verplas Ltd has gradually expanded its range of products and is today one of the leading manufacturers of ventilation ducting and accessories for the domestic extractor fan, tumble dryer and cooker hood markets.

Our comprehensive product range includes a number of round and rectangular ducting sizes and matching accessories which will meet almost any domestic ventilation requirement of the Building Regulations and British and international standards.

Verplas has recently introduced many innovative products including LayFlat, a patented collapsible duct, Stainless Steel Outlets and FireCuff for extractor fans &vents fitted in a fire rated ceiling.

In addition to the comprehensive range of Ventilation and Ducting products available from Verplas, we are now able to offer standard extrusions and bespoke extrusion products from our own Extrusion Division.

PVC & Aluminium Flexible Hoses

We supply a wide range of flexible hoses for all domestic and light industrial applications, most in diameters from 75mm to 500mm.

Round PVC Flexible Hose
A light wire-reinforced white PVC hose for domestic applications including cooker hoods, tumble dryers and bathroom fans. Standard pitch is 35mm, standard lengths and diameters are listed below but other lengths and diameters can be made to order.

  • For use to overcome situations where a rigid duct cannot be installed.
  • Suitable when there is slow moving air.
  • PVC hose has a maximum working temperature of 80°C.
  • A wide range of connectors, clips and tapes provide effective connections to Verplas rigid ducting systems and outlets.

Fire Products

When ducting is installed so that it goes in or out of a fire compartment in a house or block of flats, it may
be necessary to meet Document B of the Building Regulations which ensure that any fire is contained in one
area. Verplas has a range of products suitable for this purpose.

FireWrap & FireWrap Sleeves
FireWrap is available for all our round and rectangular systems and is used wrapped around a duct at the point where it
goes through a wall or ceiling to prevent the fire from moving through to the next compartment.

If the FireWrap is installed in a stud wall it will be necessary to place it inside a galvanised metal sleeve which must
be fixed so that it cannot move inside the wall. The Sleeve will provide a solid surface to ensure the FireWrap expands
inwards to function normally.

FireCuff Round

FireCuff Round
The FireCuff has been designed to fit in a fire rated ceiling and will prevent any fire in the room from passing through the ceiling. This is a recently introduced requirement of Document B. The FireCuff is fitted in the hole in the ceiling and will expand to close the hole where a fan, grille or ceiling valve is installed. Tested to BS476 Part 21 for 30 and 60 minute plasterboard.

Key Features and customer benefits of the Verplas FireCuff

  • Can be fitted in seconds.
  • No mastic, screws or support required.
  • FireCuff is out of sight once the fan or vent is fitted.
  • FireCuff can be fitted from above or below the ceiling.
  • Easy to retro fit to existing fans and vents.
  • Provides an effective acoustic barrier between fan and ceiling,
    limiting noise from vibration.

Rectangular Ducts

Many standard sizes including 110 x 54mm, 150 x 70mm, 180 x 90mm and 204 x 60mm in Rigid PVC

Rectangular Ducts

Extrusion Division

 Round Pipes
A range of diameters up to 160mm OD in Rigid PVC or Non-PVC materials.

Rigid Profiles

Standard products for the Leisure Home Market and many others in Rigid PVC, ABS and Dual Hardness Co-extrusions. Door Surrounds a speciality

Rigid Profiles

Multi-Cavity Board

Standard sizes 223 x 29mm and 310 x 29mm in Rigid PVC but any size up to 320mm wide can be accomodated.

Multi-Cavity Board

Flexible Tubes

In diameters up to 50mm bore in clear PVC, Filled PVC, Tinted or Coloured PVC and Low Density Polyethylene and Thermoplastic Elastomers.

Flexible Tubes

Special Products

Bespoke products within the physical ranges above in standard or special materials

Special Products

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