Here at Vetfleece, we specialise in the manufacture of Veterinary grade bedding for the pet and vet sectors. Vetfleece is a super soft fleece that can be used in kennels, crates and the domestic home by animals of all ages. Vetfleece also supplies a range of pet products including Pet Training Pads, Puppy Identity Collars, Pet Heat Pads and Tick Removers.

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  1. Tick-Off Tick Remover - Set Of 3

    Tick-Off Tick Remover - Set Of 3

    Tick-Off.Me Tick remover has been designed to remove the whole tick, without leaving bits behind that could become infected. Each pack contains 3 different sizes of tick remover, which are the perfect size to fit in your bag, purse or pocket. They are ideal for dogs, cats, horses and any other pets. Please contact us for more information.