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At Vibraplant Ltd, we manufacture a wide range of vibrating screens including elliptical screens, probability screens and linear screens. Our vibrating screens are used to process either wet or dry materials from a range of industry sectors.  

Vibratory Feeder Manufacturer

As an experienced vibratory feeder manufacturer, we provide cost-effective products with low maintenance and low power requirements. We have been a vibratory feeder manufacturer for many years and have a range of designs including rotary electric, pneumatic and rotary hydraulic models. Our feeders improve the production process and can be used for both heavy and light duties.


Compaction Tables

We manufacture specialised compaction tables designed to sort and compact materials into bags, moulds or boxes. We ensure they are cavity free and stabilised for transport. Our compaction tables reduce costs and are suitable for continuous, batch or semi-continuous processes for wet and dry materials.

Spreader Feeders

We have designed and manufactured spreader feeders, providing cost-effective and low maintenance solutions. Our range of spreader feeders can receive narrow product flow and turn it into evenly spread wide freed.

These have a variety of uses including:

  • Spreading material over vibratory screens
  • Spreading material for optical or x-ray sorting equipment
  • Spreading material over eddy current or magnetic separators
  • Spreading material for ballistic separating equipment

Vibrating Conveyors

Our specialised vibrating conveyors provide a simple transfer of products from one end to another with various flow rates. Our vibrating conveyors can be used for transporting hot, abrasive, dusty and explosive materials over a long distance.

Bespoke Vibratory Equipment

We specialise in providing bespoke vibratory equipment to meet unique requirements. We will work closely with you to design and manufacture bespoke vibratory equipment to meet your process demands.


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