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At Vibration Free we are passionate about reducing vibration and residual imbalance levels to unprecedented tolerances for all types of machinery and vehicles, including high speed machine tool spindles, motor racing engines of all crankshaft and cylinder configurations, propshafts, electric motors, pumps and generators, fans, compressors and turbo chargers.

Contact us for any queries on your dynamic balancing & vibration analysis requirements.   Essentially, we apply our specialities internationally to all industry sectors:
  • Vibration Analysis (machinery troubleshooting & diagnostics)
  • Dynamic Balancing (of rotating & reciprocating machinery)  
These specialist-supporting roles allow our customers to minimise noise and vibration levels, improving on quality, reliability, safety and performance.   Choose your industry sector for more specific information on dynamic balancing & vibration analysis:   motorsport, machine tool, maintenance and consultancy & training. 
                                                                                  Vibration Free are the UK Distributor for the Rattler
Tortional Vibration Absorber.


Support to all levels from clubman to F1. Engines, chassis and drive-trains.

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Machine Tool

High speed machine tool spindles and machinery; cutting, drilling, milling, grinding etc.

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Vibration Analysis is used as a non-invasive method of understanding machinery condition. In-situ balancing supports recommisioning of plant & equipment.

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Assisting in the design processes, training of personnel. Upgrading or commissioning new or rebuilt balancing machines.

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