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Based in a modern manufacturing plant in Cheshire, Regal-Vibro Ltd (formerly Vibro Manufacturing Services Ltd) offer a quick response, bespoke rubber moulding and fabrication service. The company also specialises in the manufacture of anti-vibration products for rail track maintenance, pipe supports for oil, gas and chemical plants, etc.

Whatever your requirements may be for rubber or polyurethane products, the Regal Rubber Company can provide the solution!

Anti Vibration

Anti Vibration : For Pipe Supports and Machinery mounting designed to reduce and isolate noise and vibration. Products designed and developed from a range of elastomeric and composite constructions.

Products: Pipe Supports, Vibro Clips, Structural Bearings, Cork Rubber Sheets and Pads

Anti Vibration


Fabrications : Vibro Tech can design and develop technical solutions with regard to fabricated products for Oil, Automotive and Industrial applications.

 Fabricated Products

  • Expansion joints in a range of shapes and sizes to accomodate differential pipe and structural configurations.The Expansion joints can be fabricated from a range of elastomeric materials and fabrics to meet customers application requirements.
  • Couplings constructed from high tensile fabrics and specially developed elastomeric compounds.

Structural Bearings

Structural Bearings: Vibro Tech bearing pads provide a maintenance free interface to isolate substrates and structures from shock impact and severe vibration.

  • Vibro 300   -   A laminated rubber impregnated fabric for use in severe applications where a close tolerance between opposing faces can be guaranteed. The sheets are compression moulded to required thickness to give a smooth plate finish.
  • Vibro 400   -   A laminated rubber impregnated fabric with a compressible interface for use in severs applications where opposing faces are out of parallel. The sheets are compression moulded to required thickness to give a smooth plate finish.
  • Vibro 500   -   A laminated rubber impregnated fabric faced on one side with Vibro120 to afford either intermittent or continuous heavy impact. 

 Slide Bearings :

  • Vibro 600 Slide Bearings are easy to install and are relatively maintenance free and consist of two members. The upper member is constructed from Vibro 120 thermally bonded to Nylon/Molybdenum disulphide and a lower member of Vibro 500 thermally bonded to PTFE.
  • The upper member is always larger in size to protect the lower member interface. Upper member thickness 2.5mm
  • The lower member consists of a high impact construction Vibro 500 thermally bonded to PTFE. The thickness can be varied depending on the application but will generally be 8mm ( including 2mm PTFE )
  • The bond slips have excellent weathering and chemical resistance.
  • The Bond slips can be supplied with the metal fixture plates.
  • The interface between the upper and lower member generally gives a co-efficient of friction of < 0.10 depending on load and temperature.  
Structural Bearings

Hydraulic Seals

Hydraulic Seals :

  • Seals for hydraulic applications in a wide range of elastomeric materials and engineering plastics.
  • Our Product Engineering service can design tooling and materials to develop technical solutions to customer enquires.
  • Seals can either be moulded od machined depending on customer requirements
  • Inhouse capability to develop moulding tools 

Vibro Technical Services Ltd, manufacture, supply and repair hydraulic equipment and parts all over the United Kingdom. With many years experience and a complete range of services and parts we will get you back up and running in no time.

We offer the following services:

· We keep a large range of hydraulic, pneumatic, rotary seals and o'rings on stock.
· We can manufacture non standard seals with our state of the art Seal Master Machine (up to 400mm OD).
· We can manufacture hydraulic hose assemblies with our large hydraulic hose stock selection & fittings.
· We can design and manufacture hydraulic power units to suit your requirements.
· We can supply, manufacture and repair hydraulic rams and pumps.

Seals: We stock and manufacture a huge selection of seals for the hydraulic and pneumatic industries including wiper rings, rod seals, piston rings, oil seals, flange gaskets which we can machine within minutes.

Hydraulic Seals


Sheets & Cut Gaskets: Supply of cork sheets and gaskets cut to any customer profile

Asbestos Free Material: Supply of asbestos free material in sheet and cut to any customrer profile

PTFE : Supply of PTFE in both sheet (etched if required) and cut profile

Rubber Seals & Gaskets: Supplied in a wide range of elastomers designed to suit specific customer applications


Vibro Technical Services Ltd

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