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We provide Integrated Condition Monitoring and Machine Support Services to ensure your plant and facilities operate efficiently and assist you to achieve optimum machine reliability. We have over 30 years experience in predictive maintenance and offer a range of services and products including laser alignment.

We offer an extensive selection of laser alignment accessories and equipment ranging from pulley alignment tools to shaft alignment equipment and geometric systems.

Our most popular laser alignment equipment includes the Fixturlaser Go, designed for fast and easy shaft laser alignments and the Fixturlaser Complete Laser Alignment Tool, a combination of the Dirigo for shaft alignments and PAT Tool for pulley alignment.

As well as our extensive range of products, we also provide laser alignment equipment hire.

Vibration Condition Monitoring

Our Integrated Reliability and Machine Support Services are fronted by our vibration condition monitoring programs designed to provide the power to reduce unscheduled downtimes and ensure your plant operates at the pinnacle of efficiency.

Vibration condition monitoring can help to indicate early signs of deterioration or malfunction in plant machinery through surveillance testing and analysis. As a result, vibration condition monitoring can reduce catastrophic possibilities and failures and enhance machine performance and safety.

The most common causes of failure we identify includes bearing failure, misalignment, unbalance, looseness, gearbox faults, and resonance.

Vibration Analysis

Vibration analysis is the reading of vibration analysis data in order to determine the cause of particular machinery defects. We have the equipment and expertise to handle the most complex vibration analysis issues and can identify the causes of vibration as well as correct faults with laser alignment and in-situ balancing.

The types of tests we carry out as part of vibration analysis include investigations into bearing failure, resonance, critical speeds, and looseness. Our customers range from blue chip manufacturers, power generating stations and national maintenance repairers.

In-Situ Fan Balancing

Unbalance causes more premature and cataclysmic failures in rotating machinery than any other fault. In-situ fine balancing enables the correction of unbalance in rotating equipment and can be undertaken whilst the machine is in its working environment.

In-situ fine balancing eradicates the requirements to completely dismantle and reassemble plant equipment to enable balancing of machine parts as well as improving product quality and reducing downtime, material costs and labour.

It also extends bearing and machine life and increases safety. Our in-situ fan balancing services are provided throughout the UK, overseas and offshore.

Infrared Thermography Surveys

We only use highly qualified personnel to carry out infrared thermography surveys. Using the most innovative infrared thermal imaging equipment and software, we can identify faults in a diversity of applications. The most common faults are electrical, refractory, mechanical and buildings.

As electrical connections become loose, there is a hindrance to current causing an increase in temperature. Left unchecked, heat can cause connections to melt and can result in fire.

Laser Alignment Equipment

We supply a wide range of laser alignment equipment and accessories. Our laser alignment equipment includes an comprehensive range of shaft alignment, geometric systems equipment and pulley alignment tools. Our laser alignment equipment is typically used for pulleys, motors, pumps, gearboxes, engines, and drive shafts.

Laser Alignment Equipment Hire

We provide laser alignment equipment hire for the alignment of rotating machinery. Our laser alignment equipment hire is available with competitive rates for daily, weekly and contract hire. We provide on-site delivery and training as required for typical usage including engines, drive shafts, pumps, motors and pulleys.

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