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We are an award winning corporate video production team based in Manchester, UK with 20 years of industry experience. Specialising in commercial and corporate production and post production for start-up companies and Blue Chip brands alike. If you've got ot an idea for your video, great!   Or maybe you've got no idea at all?  Either way, we can help…

Experience with new video techniques and constantly evolving technology, tried and tested video production methods, and a wealth of background knowledge: We can guarantee the best results which exceed your expectations, with corporate video solutions that blow your socks off every time.

Whether we are producing web based content, a commercial, a corporate DVD, or covering a live event, we always look for that extra something to make your corporate video stand out from the rest.  Let's face it...   If you look good, we look good! 

Here at VFS  we live and breathe corporate video, and frequently go the extra mile and more for our clients. We listen you your ideas, focus our creative energies and to develop the right concept & approach, all designed to give you maximum impact & the biggest bang for your buck whatever your budget.

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Video Production

We deliver creative videos that strike a perfect balance between driving your message home, and engaging your audience.  With a combination of brand knowledge, filming expertise, video production techniques and technical wizardry, we make sure you recieve a corporate video, a commercial, a viral, or a video promo you can rely on time and again.

Our wealth of experience allows us to offer a full production service, designed to optimise your available budget and achieve high quality production results. Once briefed, we analyse your brand, explore your competitors, and the current trends in your industry; then generate ideas and construct a campaign that is right for you.

In addition to our in-house equipment of DSLRs and 1080p shoulder cameras plus a range of grip equipment from dollys and tripods to sliders and cranes; we stock HMI, Tungsten and LED lighting equipment, and a wide range of sound equipment from digital recording units, rifle mics and radio mics…  All perfect for use in most corporate productions and promotions.

Where all the toys and heavier equipment is required, we have established relationships with National and International suppliers, and long negotiated preferential rates; so we can offer you the most competitive prices for the best facilities.

Our camera, lighting and sound departments have decades of experience on thousands of productions world-wide, ranging from small crews of 2 or 3, to productions of 40+; and when we need to employ freelancers they are of course highly experienced and fully qualified.

We can do it all… Perfectly organised, effortlessly, and with a smile on our faces : )

Video Production

Video Post Production and Editing

Video Post Production is one of the most important processes involved in filmmaking.  There is a great deal of creativity and consideration involved, and it is during the edit where many company’s objectives, services or products are explained…  For many productions, it is where the magic takes place…

We aim is to provide the best quality video editing service by combining our creative talent with a clear understanding of our clients needs to ensure the results you require.

In terms of technology, we use Apple’s Final Cut Pro 7, AVID Media Composer, Adobe Premier Pro/ AfterEffects, Color, Logic and a long list of others; all of which cater for animation, motion graphics, titling, sound effects and of course High Definition video editing.

Although we prefer to take charge of a production from start to finish, we regularly edit footage which was shot by a third party or even by our clients themselves…  Some get the whole post production treatment, and others just come for a quick polish or a loving roll in glitter.

Video Post Production and Editing

Why Use Web Video?

There are many reasons you should be using video on your website...  Here are just a few of them.

o Consumers spend 46 seconds visiting a website, but 5 mins 50 seconds when the website features a video.

o One third of all internet activity is spent watching video.

o 68% of viewers share embeded video links which increases the platform for brand promotion, and its the number one format for content marketing.

o YouTube is the world’s greatest video sharing platform and the second largest search engine, with more than 4 Billion views daily.

o In the last 3 years video traffic increased by 5000%.

o 8,000 Million users visit YouTube, & their mobile site alone gets over 600 million views a day!

o Videos vastly increase the number of business profile clicks by more than 30 business calls, 18% website visits to 55%,

o It is predicted that video will grow to 90% of all web traffic by the year 2014.  

If your looking for a video to make your website more visible, hold customer's attention, and convert their interest into sales, check out our website for more information:

Why Use Web Video?

Video and Film Solutions Client Testimonials

We count ourselves very fortunate to have such great clients who are happy to give us their stamp of approval with a testimonial.

We've just included one of them blow, but chack out our testimonial page to see a larger sample.



On behalf of the management team at Maddison Media Limited, I would like to extend my thanks to you & all at VFS for all your help to ensure that the Tabata Live, World Record attempt was a great success.

Throughout the entire process, I found you to be proficient & professional at all times. On the day, your team were friendly & attentive & we have already received really positive feedback.

As a Production, Media & Conference Organiser, Maddison Media has worked with many video companies  throughout the UK & Europe, & I can truly say that working with you was a hassle free experience.

Kindly pass on my sincere gratitude to all your team.

– Lee Francis (Director)



Video and Film Solutions Client Testimonials

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