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Videojet Technologies is a world-leader in the product identification market, providing in-line printing, coding, and marking products, application specific fluids, and product life cycle services. Our goal is to partner with our customers in the consumer packaged goods, pharmaceutical, and industrial goods industries to improve their productivity, to protect and grow their brands, and to stay ahead of industry trends and regulations.  With our customer application experts and technology leadership in continuous ink jet (CIJ), thermal ink jet (TIJ), laser marking, thermal transfer overprinting (TTO), case coding and labeling, and wide array printing, Videojet has more than 325,000 printers installed worldwide.  Our customers rely on Videojet products to print on over ten billion products daily. Customer sales, application, service, and training support is provided by direct operations with over 3,000 team member in 26 countries worldwide. In addition, Videojet’s distribution network includes more than 400 distributors and OEMs, serving 135 countries.

Benefit from our excellent customer service for our industrial inkjet printers

An excellent customer service reputation, together with a reputation for reliability that sets standards in the industry, rounds off the Videojet offering and provides customers with efficient and economical industrial printer solutions of the highest quality.

Our customers benefit from our many years of experience in the coding and marking industry together with our successful business model of continuous improvement. We are continually investing in new technologies so that we are able to offer our customers innovative solutions for our industrial inkjet printers, without being tied to one technology. Our technical and service associates specialise in providing individual advice and finding the most efficient and practical solution to every requirement.

Small character industrial inkjet systems

Maximum speed for small character inkjet printing
With our range of small character inkjet systems, there is a choice for every application. From high to very high speeds, font sizes from 0.6 to 12 mm and up to eight lines of print.

User-friendly message creation, connection to networking software, and "no-code-no-run" are all available options with our small character inkjet printers.

Categories for small character inkjet printers
Videojet small character inkjet printers may be grouped into different categories:

  • High performance for 24 hour operation
  • Mid-range for daily start/stop operation
  • Basic, reliable operation for occasional use
  • Special printers, e.g. for printing on dark surfaces
  • Graphics, for addressing applications
Small character industrial inkjet systems

Increasing productivity with advanced technology

  • Simpler operation
  • Less maintenance
  • Superior print quality

The Videojet® 1510 small-character continuous ink jet printer from Videojet Technologies Inc. is the first in a new line of printers that sets
a higher standard in marking and coding performance for maximum uptime. Designed for medium-duty applications that involve printing codes roughly 16 to 20 hours per day/six days per week, the Videojet 1510 is ideal for the food, beverage, chemical, pharmaceutical and personal care/cosmetic industries.

Integrating the Videojet 1510 is simple via its USB port, which allows for hot-swapping print jobs and backing up messages. The convenience of off-site control and diagnostics via Ethernet capability through Connector™ software allows for simple, seamless real-time message changes.
Innovative features make printer operation easier than ever. The print head automatically calibrates and cleans itself for consistent performance and longer print runs. The Smart Cartridge™ ink delivery system prevents spills during replacement - reducing waste and operating costs.
Less maintenance
1000 Line printers operate for up to 18 months without requiring preventive maintenance. An alert appears when it's time to change the modular core - no more messy filter replacement.

Superior print quality
The 1000 Line produces the sharpest codes in the industry. It delivers superior print quality ensuring that every drop is precisely placed - time after time. Dynamic Calibration maintains consistent print quality, even as environmental conditions change.

Increasing productivity with advanced technology

Marking with Laser technology

No fluids necessary
Laser marking differs from other methods of marking. Using laser tubes, no fluids are required to create images. Laser printers are available for matrix or vector printing.

Marking with heat
Using an RF signal, carbon dioxide (CO2) is stimulated electronically inside the laser tube, generating a laser beam. When the laser beam is focused onto a suitable material, the beam is absorbed and heat develops. Various mechanisms convert the heat generated into a mark on the product:

  • Colour change as a result of a chemical reaction
  • Engraving of the surface, e.g. burning into PET
  • Ablation or removal of the surface coating
  • Matrix and vector printing

Certain characters or graphics are produced by switching the laser beam on and off in a controlled manner as it moves across the printing area. Whereas with dot-matrix printing the number of printable characters and their legibility are limited by the resolution of the matrix, with vector printing, a considerably greater character selection is available. Matrix printers are increasingly being replaced in the market by vector lasers, which is why Videojet only offers vector lasers.
Low-cost marking

  • High speed marking
  • Suitable for a wide variety of materials
  • Very small codes
  • Reliable even in tough industrial environments
Marking with Laser technology

7210 & 7310 Fibre laser markers

The 7210 and 7310 pulsed fibre laser markers (10 Watt and 20 Watt respectively) are compact and versatile and can be used reliably, quickly and economically on metals, plastics and other hard-to-mark materials. This makes the Videojet 7210 and 7310 ideal for marking tools and instruments, as well as for use in the electronics, automotive and automotive supplier industries. They mark complex, variable data (codes, logos, symbols, serial numbers, individual data, etc.) on to both stationary and moving products and with a multi-lingual user interface, they also offer ease of integration into host equipment.
Compact, simple integration

The compact design and smallest marking head on the market combined with tried-and-tested flexible software and hardware platforms makes integration into end customer lines and OEM equipment extremely simple.

Wide range of applications

A large range of options (high-performance software, superior galvanometer scanners, compact marking heads, beam deflection options [0°/90°], etc.), enables the VJ 7210 and VJ 7310 to mark virtually anything to the highest quality.
Minimum waiting time, maximum runtime

Shorter setup times, an air-cooled, highly efficient, virtually maintenance-free laser and the option of PC-independent operation increase production times and lower costs.

7210 & 7310 Fibre laser markers

3320 Laser coder

Speed and print quality
Superior high-speed technology is particularly impressive on the Videojet 3320. The unparalleled high-quality print speed and the outstanding reproducibility speak for themselves. Its ease of use and simple integration, due to flexible standard modules, make the printer an effective solution for high print quality.

Good legibility on a large number of products
Multi-line text, machine-readable codes and high quality graphics require clear print legibility on products. The Videojet 3320 marks a wide spectrum of materials such as packaging (folded cartons, labels, plastic and glass bottles, tubes, etc.), connectors, switches, sensors, pipes, profiles and door and window seals.

Permanent coding
The Videojet 3320 is often recommended in industries such as beverages, food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, automotive and electronics. The laser codes information such as the expiry and manufacturing dates, batch and line numbers, 2D matrix and bar codes, logos, symbols and individual data (content, weight, price, etc.) on products cleanly and permanently.

  • High marking quality
  • Text, machine-readable codes and graphics clearly legible
  • Superior high-speed technology
  • Simple integration through standard modules
3320 Laser coder

3430 Laser coder

The Videojet 3430 is ideally suited for applications demanding fast and flexible data transfer and marking processes, such as beverage, brewing, food, packaging and extrusion applications. Moderate-speed lines, such as those in the personal care products, pharmaceuticals and industrial component industries, will also benefit from the superior speed and resolution of the Videojet 3430 laser.

Speed class-leading print performance
The Videojet 3430 laser marking system provides best-in-class marking speeds and maximum production throughput with 50 watts of power. With marking speeds up to 2,000 characters per second and production line speeds of up to 15 m/s the Videojet 3430 meets even the beverage industry's demand for high throughput. The Videojet 3430 system marks more information at high speed: multi-line text, machine-readable codes, graphics or logos the Videojet 3430 will mark permanent and consistent codes on a wide variety of materials.

Easiest integration
With the articulated arm and a small scanning head, the Videojet 3430 easily integrates into tight machinery and production lines. In the optional horizontal configuration, it can even be mounted above the machine requiring no floor space. The Videojet 3430 is mobile, delivering production flexibility and increasing return on investment with the ability to code product in one location this week, then quickly and easily relocate the printer and set up coding on another production line the week after.

Extraordinary flexibility
With the robustness to handle even severe manufacturing environments, the Videojet 3430 laser marking system is rugged and reliable. Its stainless steel enclosure is wash down rated (IP65) and its cooling system is completely self-contained, protecting the key components of laser operation and decreasing maintenance requirements. For easy and quick setup, the Videojet 3430 can be operated either through its integrated user interface, a PC with graphical user interface SmartGraph or completely controlled by a PLC/inline control.

Simple integration into production lines
High-speed consistent and permanent coding
Outstanding communication concept
Easy to use 

3430 Laser coder

P3400 Label Printer Applicator

Designed for high loads
The P3400 label printer offers comprehensive solutions for all of your automatic printing and labelling needs.
It is designed for high loads in permanent use in tough industrial environments.
The Videojet P3400 label printer is characterised by its ease of use and low maintenance requirements. 

Modular design
The modular design of the Videojet P3400 enables you to select the application modules to suit your needs. This provides a solution tailored to each application and customer requirement. Its modular design makes the printer extremely versatile.
The following application modules are offered:

Air jet module
Basic tamp module
Tamp jet module
Heavy duty tamp module
Two panel/two label module
Swing arm module
Heavy duty swing arm module
Corner wrap module (application modules)
Efficient user navigation

You can use the Videojet P3400 for high-quality thermal transfer printing of high-resolution texts and bar codes. Labels can easily be configured via a menu.

The flight-time compensation for automatic label positioning also provides greater working efficiency.

Flexibility thanks to modular design
Designed for continuous loads
Low maintenance requirements
Simple label configuration
Automatic label positioning

P3400 Label Printer Applicator

3120 Laser coder

Speed without loss of quality
The Videojet 3120 offers outstanding speed and quality and is the fastest laser marking device in its class. It reaches a marking speed of up to 1,200 characters per second and line speeds of up to 10 metres per second. Even on lines with high productivity, it produces consistently permanent multi-line marking without any loss of quality.

High level of versatility
With this printer, complex multi-line alphanumeric information, foreign-language character sets, graphics and machine-readable codes can be incorporated into the marking. Information such as expiry and manufacturing dates, document numbers, system codes, ID matrix and bar codes, sequential numbers, batch codes and numbers, and even information about contents and weight, is processed quickly and easily by the system.

Code a wide variety of materials
With the Videojet 3120, a wide range of materials can be marked. These include special pharmaceutical containers, paper, board and cardboard packaging, PET containers, electronic and semiconductor boards, parts for automotive vehicle manufacture and even extruded products such as seals, profiles and pipes.

Easy integration
A compact design and flexible standard components ensure fast and simple integration. For installation in conditions where space is tight, the Videojet 3120 laser head may be positioned using beam deflectors. This means that even complicated marking tasks can be carried out. Laser beams can be emitted at an angle of 0 degrees (ie straight) or even 90 degrees. There is also a wide selection of lenses and flexible user interfaces available.

Superior speeds
No loss of quality at high line speeds
Complex marking options
Simple integration due to the compact design
Flexibility of setup

3120 Laser coder

Videojet 2300 Printer

The Videojet® 2300 line is in the category of three high resolution, large character ink jet printers that provide class-leading, consistent print quality on porous and secondary packaging materials. These systems are designed and manufactured to efficiently code accurate, high quality, real time alphanumeric codes, bar codes and graphics with a range of printhead heights to best suit your printing needs.

The Videojet 2300 Printer offers

  • High resolution text, bar codes, and logos up to 2.7” for a pre-printed look
  • Eliminate excess inventory of pre-printed boxes and labels
  •  Consistently high print quality — patented micropurge process

The 180 dpi resolution of the Videojet 2300 line of printers allows for complete generic case coding at pre-printed quality levels.

Videojet 2300 Printer

Videojet 1550-1650

The brand new top quality Videojet 1550/1650 printers are the latest coding systems with built in cleanflow technology creating uptime continual coding and error free printing on products. These printers help you meet your production line goals.

They offer the following advantage
Cleanflow™ Printhead
Modular Core
Interactive touch screen
Accurate code assurance

Videojet 1550-1650

Videojet 3020

Videojet 3020 Laser Marking Machine – Flexible and Compact with Excellent Marking Quality

Benefits of the Videojet 3020 laser printer:

• Compact and versatile all-in-one solution
• Excellent mark quality and wide application range
• Quick start and simple operation to assure high uptime laser marking quality

Videojet 3020

New UHS Videojet Next Generation of Ultra High Speed (UHS)

Boost Your Product Coding Operational Efficiency with Videojet’s New Next Generation of Ultra High Speed (UHS) Inkjet Printers

Videojet is pleased to announce the next addition to its proven Videojet 1000 Line Printers – the 1620 UHS and 1650 UHS

High throughput operations have a set of unique challenges, and for years companies with bottling, canning and similar high speed / high throughput processes have turned to Videojet to help to meet their product coding needs.

With the introduction of the 1620 UHS and 1650 UHS, we extend our leadership by leveraging our proven and extremely successful 1000 Line platform to provide the premiere solution for the most demanding high speed printing applications.

These printers build on the existing 1000 Line benefits of:

  •  Uptime Advantage
  • Simple Usability
  • Productivity Tools (*)
  • The Right Code - Code Assurance (*)

By adding the application specific benefits of:

  • High speed content: Max speed (mpm), Videojet 1620 UHS-1650 UHS (5x7/4x7)
    • Dual Line:7 High - 158 / 191
    • Tri-Line:7 High - 110 / 132
  • High quality code assurance system with advanced built-in CLARiTY (1650 UHS) interface for better OEE, Error code prevention and increased productivity
  • Precision Ink DropTM technology
  • 24/7 High performance operation
  • Engineered to enable a tri-line application to be run at today’s typical 2 line speeds


New UHS Videojet Next Generation of Ultra High Speed (UHS)

Videojet 6420: The New High Speed Quality Technology for Coding Flexible Packaging!

Videojet 6420: The machine you need for your thermal transfer overprinting 

he DataFlex 6420 addresses the more demanding needs of customers operating ultra-high speed (up to 400ppm) packaging lines; typically HFFS applications (e.g., baked goods).

In addition, the Videojet 6420 also meets the needs of customers who need to print a significant amount of data such as ingredient or recipe statements

The printer build on the existing DataFlex line benefits by adding new, improved features such as:

Printhead widths from 32mm to 107mm
Long ribbon length up to 1200m
Simple ribbon cassette design allows for ribbon replenishment in less than 60 seconds, ensuring minimum impact to production
To learn more, gain instant access to our Free application note on integrating TTO into your packaging line by filling the form above.

Videojet Dataflex 6320: The New Seamless Fit for Your Flexible Packaging Application!

Videojet 6320: The machine you need for your thermal transfer overprinting 

The Videojet 6320 addresses customers’ needs when operating at moderate packaging speeds (up to 250 ppm) and with smaller code requirements; typically VFFS applications (e.g.snack foods).

The printer build on the existing Videojet DataFlex Line benefits by adding new, improved features:

Printhead widths from 32mm to 107mm
Long ribbon length up to 1200m
Simple ribbon cassette design allows for ribbon replenishment in less than 60 seconds, ensuring minimum impact to production
Minimal wear parts virtually eliminate unscheduled downtime from ribbon wrinkles or breaks 

Videojet Dataflex 6320: The New Seamless Fit for Your Flexible Packaging Application!
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