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Vigilant Components provide a range of services including component sourcing, counterfeit detection and component verification.

We understand the electronics marketplace is always changing and we aim to continually provide up to date services to meet our client's requirements for electronic counterfeit detection and component verification.

Component Verification

Vigilant Components provide a selection of services that includes component verification. Our goods in department effectively carry out all inspection of packaging material and cross-reference all electronic components.

We examine all equipment for misuse and incorrect packaging and is then passed onto an in-house electronic test laboratory to complete component verification.

Component Distribution Services

Our component distribution services include component sourcing, testing, verification, supply chain management and point-of-use delivery options.

We aim to provide the electronics manufacturing sector with a broad range of services tailored to meet your component distribution objectives.

Component Kitting

Combining electronic component kitting with component verification, inspection, device preparation, electronic component procurement and supply chain management, we can provide our clients with a Total Component Management solution. This is based on Paragon’s TCM® kitting service -  the industry's leading hub for all your component kitting needs.

If you outsource your logistics, procurement and supply chain management to us, we can reduce your real cost of acquisition. Paragon's TCM®  kitting service is suitable for products in the low/medium volume and medium/high complexity arena.

Component Sourcing

We have a wealth of experience in international component sourcing and that means that we can look for your components worldwide and find them for you.

Through our global infrastructure, we can source directly from manufacturers and find out the most cost-effective solutions and those with the best quality.

Our company works closely with partners in the USA, Asia and across Europe to bring you component sourcing for any requirement and helps takes the stress out of shortages and help to eliminate disruption to your supply chains.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Our vendor managed inventory (VMI) service can deliver instant access to electronic components with minimal risk. Our vendor managed inventory will improve your stock availability, improve cash flow, reduce administration and decrease your material handling.

A daily replenishment programme identifies when stock is about to fall below the threshold and the system is supported by buffer stocks held in our warehouse.

Component Testing & Verification

Our component testing and verification service is supported by dedicated, in-house electronic component test laboratory where components can be inspected, tested and verified using a range of tools and techniques including, high-resolution microscopes, comparators and X-ray systems .

Once we receive components, they are inspected and cross referenced with documented specifications. They are checked for authenticity and misuse and any components that fail inspection are given additional checks and further verification.

Our component testing and verification service aims to continue our excellent quality control measures to provide you with High Integrity component distribution services.

Obsolescence Management

We are experts in obsolescence management and subscribe to a variety of on-line databases that give relevant information on the product lifecycles of electronic components. We have proven component obsolescence management strategies.

Our system allows us to future-proof your component purchases and monitor component obsolescence status to deliver early warnings in order to avoid future shortages.

Counterfeit Component Control

At a time when counterfeiting is rife, we provide a stringent inspections and detection service to provide counterfeit component control. We have set up strict controls to identify counterfeit components.  

Our counterfeit component control service is committed to maintaining high levels of vigilance throughout all our processes to ensure excellent quality control for all our customers.

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