Viking Extrusions Ltd

Viking Extrusions are able to offer premium quality, precise silicone rubber extrusions. We have a number of modern cutting machines, meaning we can produce cut washers and silicone rubber extrusions to any required cut length.

We are also able to offer competitive prices for cutting any other rubber material from as little as a few off to a few million. Please contact us for a fast quote on request.  

Bespoke Extrusions

Viking Extrusions concentrate in the manufacture of bespoke extrusions or complex extrusions and are able to meet the demanding requirements of most customers and applications. This is where our business started years ago and it remains the cornerstone of the company. We have over 5,000 dies in stock for bespoke extrusion and may also be able to produce your requirements without the production of a new tool.

Extrusion tooling is rarely more than £70 and it is our aim to provide you with final samples within 10 working days of order placement.

High Temperature Silicone Rubber Tubing

Viking Extrusions are experts in the manufacture of a vast range of high temperature silicone rubber tubing suitable for use in a wide variety of applications. We are major suppliers to the food and dairy industry, breweries, pharmaceutical companies and machine manufacturers as well as countless other users.

We are able to produce in diameter sizes ranging from 0.3mm up to 100mm and work to tighter tolerances than the industry standard. We have no minimum order quantity and no minimum invoice charge.

General purpose grades can be offered in hardness ranges from 20° shore to 80° shore. Please visit our website for further information on high temperature silicone rubber tubing.

High Temperature Silicone Rubber Tubing

Silicone Rubber Strips and Cord

Viking Extrusions can produce silicone cord sizes from Ø 0.3mm up to Ø 65.00mm and strip sizes can be produced up to 300mm wide. We can offer silicone rubber strips and cords made to your exact required size without any tooling charges. We  A huge range of grades can be offered including carbon loaded/anti-static, metal detectable (for the food industry) low smoke /low toxic (mass transit use) platinum silicone, and general purpose, to name a few.

In addition we have an area of the factory that specialises in prototype work and short runs, so no matter how small your requirement, you know we can assist. Combine this with our competitive freight rates and lack of minimum order charge, and you know Viking will be an important trade partner for you. Please visit the website for further information on silicone rubber strips and cordan.

Silicone Sponge

We are pleased to assist with any requirements for silicone sponge, which has been steadily increasing in popularity in the last decade. Despite it only being a small part of our overall business, we recognise the importance of supplying both the right quality and grade of sponge for your application.

Here at Viking, we have a strict quality and production policy and only source our raw materials from the highest quality sources. Each process during production is subject to critical quality control checks. All productions pass through our final inspection department prior to despatch. Please visit the website for further information on silicone sponge.

Rubber Inflator Seals

Rubber inflator-seals have an inflatable silicone seal (like a door seal or aperture seal) that can be inflated in order to receive a variable sealing gap.

We manufacture the seals in a relaxed and deflated attitude but, when air pressure is applied, the seal expands or rises up to meet the sealing face.

When the pressure is then released, the seal returns to its relaxed position. Please visit the website for further information on Rubber inflator seals.

Moulded Rubber Products

For over twenty years we have been moulding silicone products. Silicone can be used in a diversity of applications and because it is such a versatile material it can be produced in almost any colour. We manufacture moulded rubber products in both small and large quantities for customers in many different industries.

The tooling costs for mould tools are fairly low when compared to the rubber and plastics industries, making moulding in silicone an economical option for pre-production prototyping or small volume work.

Joined Rubber Rings

Our large range of vulcanising equipment means we are able to offer cut and joined gaskets and o-rings; even the most complex of profiles can be joined into a continuous ring and we have no minimum quantity order for this service. Please visit the website for further information on joined rubber rings.

Medical and FDA Compliant Extrusions

All general purpose silicone rubber compounds we supply are FDA compliant. Visit the Technical Data section on our website to view our data sheets for information on the various grades and suitability.

Our technical team are happy to discuss your specific requirements and recommend a silicone grade for any other applications. Please visit the website for further information on Medical and FDA Compliant Extrusions.

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