Viking Test Services

Viking Test Services is the industry lead supplier in PCB equipment and PCB services, providing quality services locally and throughout Europe. For all your PCB equipment requirements look no further than Viking test services.

Services offered by Viking Test Ltd:

  • Advanced Bare board test service using 7 electrical test systems; universal and flying probe.
  • Fault location and repair using the latest fault location software and track welding equipment.
  • Fixture design/drill service for almost any test machine.
  • Netlist extraction service to support all major netlist types.
  • Spindle repair and service
  • Wet Process repair and installation.
  • Drill and Rout machine service and repair

Products offered by Viking Test Ltd:

  • MicroCraft Emma flying probe test systems and Direct printing equipment
  • IGI CAM, and Netlist extraction software
  • Nidec-Read dedicated test machines for volume throughput of high density substrates
  • Process Photonics precision laser drilling machines and laser trimmers
  • Mason universal test systems, single, Double and Quad density grids.
  • Hengda high precision lamination press systems
  • Tamarack UV exposure and photolithography equipment for advanced pattern imaging
  • OPTIMA High technology AOI systems
  • Forward Automation Plating Systems
  • UCE Wet Processing Lines
  • Wide Photo Plotters
  • Kejie Drill & Rout Machines
  • Various other PCB Manufacturing equipment and ancillaries.

Spindle Repair

Viking offers the most advanced spindle repair service in the UK. All spindle repairs are undertaken to original equipment specifications and service reports are generated.

The spindle repair history is available to the customer from Jevco's database and all our repairs are warranted for material and workmanship. Turnaround is generally 1 week from customers approving the repair.

We can undertake repairs to all PCB drilling and routing spindles like Excellon, Hitachi, Jaeger, Pluritec, Posalux, Precise, Westwind.

Spindle Repair

Bare Board Test Service


Viking Test Services is the UK's leading bare board test service. We use the most advanced equipment available and our CAM department can implement a range of CAM products to ensure that we can produce test data and manufacture a test fixture for not only our in house test systems, but all electrical test machines.

Viking Test Services only employ well trained staff with the necessary skills to ensure the best customer satisfaction. Fixtures produced by our CAM department are supplied with appropriate fault data and netlist for the test machine.

We have in-house capability for repair open or short circuits followed by re-test to guarantee the electrical conductivity. We also have facilities for touching up the Solder Mask after repair if required. To find out more about our bare board test service just contact us.

Bare Board Test Service

Drill & Rout Machine service and maintenance

Viking Test Services are pleased to offer a full drill & rout machine service and maintenance program for all your needs and we cater for service or preventative maintenance contracts as well as 1 off call outs.

Viking Test Services have world wide contact with suppliers to provide you with a wide range of CNC drilling and routing spares.

To discuss any drill & rout machine service and maintenance requirements that you may have, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we would be more than happy to help you.


Drill & Rout Machine service and maintenance

Drill & Rout: Process Photonics

Process Photonics are a world leader in laser processing systems for the PCB and semi conductor markets and have over 12 years previous experience in advanced laser systems design and manufacturing done by our industry leading former GSI Lumonics designers, engineers, and scientists.

Process Photonics also manufacture a series of systems both standard and customized for specific applications including:

  • Via drilling in printed wiring boards and ceramic tape
  • Machining flexible printed circuits
  • Trim and test of printed resistors (e.g. embedded passives)
  • Automated Optical Inspection
  • Wire stripping
  • flat panel displays
  • medical device manufacture
Drill & Rout: Process Photonics

Drill & Rout:Kejie

Kejie is a leading producer of PCB drilling & rout machinery and develop and produce high-speed CNC engraving machines, milling machines, CNC machining centres and high speed PCB drilling and routing machines.

Kejie has a broad range of PCB equipment and machining products for the industry like:

  • CNC High speed PCB drilling and routing machines
  • JTGK three-, four-and five-axis high-speed digital linkage engraving and milling machine
  • JTM CNC machining centres
  • JTGK graphite high-speed machine
  • TM teaching machine
  • WAFER processing machine
  • LS fibre Cutting machine
Drill & Rout:Kejie

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