Vinyline Ltd

A company with over 20 years experience in visual communications.

A company utillising and continually upgrading the latest technologies and equipment to stay at the forefront of all aspects of graphic production. Applying the same expertise and dedication whether the image is a character engraved on a 10mm square brass plate or a digitally produced super sized graphic 15 metres x 300 metres on a self-adhesive external vinyl.

A company dedictaed to providing a professional, reliable and quality service and product that has won many prestigious industry contracts and awards including the industry’s more coveted - The Fasson Trophy. Additionally, the ISO9002 accreditation reinforces the efforts applied to its systems and quality control. The winning of the EXPO "98" contract in Lisbon earned unrivalled respect both in the industry and in the press.

A company whose services include engraving, screen printing, 2 and 3 dimensional signage, posters, TV and film industry scenery, exhibition graphics and giant building wraps.

Vinyline Ltd Overview