Vip-Polymers Ltd

Established since the 1920¿s, VIP-Heinke is a leading UK manufacturer of precision moulded rubber and plastic components. In addition to serving the UK pipeline markets, VIP-Heinke is also a key supplier of Elastomeric Rail Support Pads, Gaskets for Segmentally Lined Tunnels and is a market leader in providing noise and vibration solutions utilising the unique properties of elastomeric components

VIP-Heinke's engineering utilises state-of-the-art CAD technology for product design including Autocad, Pro Engineer and Advanced Simulation programs to analyse all aspects of dynamic performance under pressure, deformation, fatigue, stress levels and other criteria.

Although VIP-Heinke usually has compounds suitable for customers' specific needs, experience in polymer engineering enables the development of new compounds to meet unusual requirements.

VIP-Heinke is ISO 9001:2000 accredited.

Vip-Polymers Ltd Overview