Virtual Head Office Ltd

There’s so much more to running a business than doing your own job.

Virtual Head Office is here to support small businesses with a full range of services, from providing you with a business address, answering your telephone, administrative support,  bookkeeping and accounting, telemarketing , web design and social media support, we even offer printing and office supplies.

We take away those tasks which you don’t have time for, don’t have the skills to do yourself, or simply don’t want to do, allowing you to do what you went in to business to do, and what you can earn from.

Virtual Head Office acts as a seamless extension of your own team. Our team are all specialists in their own field, who can work quickly and effectively at the task in hand. As you only ever pay for the work we do, you’ll find that this is a very cost effective option compared to employing your own staff. We’re also available to support your business every single working day of the year, with no holidays or sick days.

It also means that you will be able to have a full range of support services from experienced professionals for less than it would cost you to employ one person full time on the minimum wage. See for yourself how cost effective it can be by using our package builder tool to create your own unique Virtual Head Office.

Many small businesses will outsource tasks to different service providers, having all services together under one virtual roof means that all of our departments work together. Nothing in your business works in isolation, so it makes sense to choose a provider who can offer a comprehensive range of support services, even if you don’t necessarily need them all at the moment. We can be ready to offer help in other areas at any time – and we already know your business.

The Virtual Head Office team work behind the scenes to get your work done, and ensure that your business keeps running effectively.

Our business is all about supporting small businesses and helping you to succeed, that’s why when you come to Virtual Head Office you won’t have to spend time talking to different people in different departments, you will deal directly with the business owner. Working with the business owner, means you can talk to someone who understands running a business and the importance of providing an effective support service for your business.

Manchester House 113 Northgate Street Bury St Edmunds IP33 1HP United Kingdom