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We are specialists in providing only the highest quality audio equipment and loudspeakers. We are a main distributor for Visaton loudspeakers in the UK.

We have one of the most comprehensive ranges of loudspeakers available anywhere. Visaton loudspeakers are built to the highest standards and have quality drive units covered by a 3-year manufacturer guarantee.

Industrial Speakers

We have a comprehensive range of industrial speakers from Visaton covering a wide range of specifications. Our industrial speakers include the Visaton FR 8 HMP, 4 Ohm, 3.3-inch full range speakers to the Visaton FR 10 HMP, 4 Ohm, 4-inch loudspeakers.

Please visit our website to see our full range of industrial speakers from Visaton and, see all the specifications for each model.

Industrial Speakers

Public Address Systems

If looking for public address systems or public address system accessories, ee have a large range of public address systems to choose.

Our systems include:

  • Visaton DK 8 100 V/20 OHM public address systems
  • Visaton EZ 60.7 100 V public address systems
  • Visaton DK 8 p 100 V/30 W public address systems

These are just a few of the public address systems we have so please visit our website for more details.

Public Address Systems

Miniature Speakers

We can supply a comprehensive range of miniature speakers that have many different specifications and are ideal for many different uses.

Our range includes miniature speakers such as the Visaton FRS 5 X 8 OHM miniature speakers, the Visaton K 20.40 8 OHM miniature speakers and the Visaton BF 45 miniature speakers.

Please see our website for the full specifications and details of our miniature speakers.

Miniature Speakers

Waterproof Speakers

If you are looking for waterproof speakers, we can help you with our comprehensive selection. Our waterproof speakers include various sizes from the Visaton FRS 10 WP, 4 OHM waterproof speakers in 4 inch sizes to the Visaton FR 16 WP, 4 OHM waterproof speakers available in 6 inch sizes.

If you would like more information on our waterproof speakers, please contact us or visit our website to get the full details and specifications.

Waterproof Speakers
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