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We are experienced and expert national providers of all types of water cooling towers. We manufacture, install and provide maintenance and refurbishment for evaporative cooling towers throughout the UK.

We have a team of highly experienced in-house engineers who are dedicated to the installation, design and refurbishment of cooling towers. We provide the complete service for water cooling towers and related products and systems.

Industrial Water Cooling Towers

We provide comprehensive and unparalleled services for industrial water cooling towers. With our industrial water cooling towers, we take full responsibility for design and installation. This includes mechanical/electrical work and cranage.

With our cooling tower installation service, strong project management skills ensure efficient installation of your cooling tower to minimise downtime and disruption.

Industrial Water Cooling Towers

Cooling Tower Spares

As well as cooling tower design and installation, we also provide a variety of cooling tower spares. Our cooling tower spares allow for the improved safety and performance of your cooling towers.

Our spares products and services include:

  • Replacement of packing, drift eliminators and sound attenuators with world class, high-efficiency designs
  • High performance paint finishes to repair corroded cooling tower casings and fans
  • Stainless steel replacements for corroded mild steel parts to ensure enhanced life and reduced maintenance
  • Sound attenuators to replace corroded/damaged sections
Cooling Tower Spares

Cooling Tower Maintenance

Included in our extensive range of services and solutions is cooling tower maintenance.

With our cooling tower maintenance services, we undertake cleaning and disinfection contracts. We also supply specialist cleaning products and techniques to ensure optimal performance is always maintained. This reduces cooling water temperatures as well as energy consumption.

Cooling Tower Maintenance

Cooling Tower Water Filtration

We provide a in-depth cooling tower water filtration service. As water filtration is an integral part of modern cooling water systems, our solutions are complete and versatile to meet the demands of all water filtration requirements.

Our effective water filtration services provide the following benefits:

  • Improves water treatment performance
  • Reduces corrosion and erosion
  • Reduces chemical treatment costs
  • Reduces bacteriological activity
Cooling Tower Water Filtration

Cooling Tower Installation

When it comes to cooling tower installation, we provide the complete package. Our cooling tower installation services are suited to both commercial and industrial applications.

Our cooling tower installation package includes:

  • Pack access doors and access platforms
  • Sloping sump arrangements
  • Anti-legionella packs and eliminators
  • High efficiency drift eliminators
Cooling Tower Installation

Cooling Tower Fill Packs

Reductions in water temperatures and improved operating costs are two important factors when looking at improving performance of your existing cooling tower operation.

Using the polypropylene construction for replacement cooling tower fill packs is not only an environmentally friendly option but the welded construction is far more stable with improved longevity over those packs which have been glued or assembled mechanically.

Cooling Tower Fill Packs

Cooling Tower Bearings

Maintenance neglect in cooling towers has an early impact upon the bearings which are often subjected to failure through overloading, fatigue, lubricant deterioration, water drift all of which can also produce high temperatures, which, in turn reduce efficiency. Vistech will provide scheduled maintenance programmes and replacement of existing bearings to help reduce or even eliminate unit downtimes as a result of component failure. Bearings should be regularly inspected and greased, a fairly simple process but nevertheless a key factor in optimising bearing performance.

Cooling Tower Bearings

Cooling Tower Replacement Parts and Equipment

Here at Vistech we are able to source, match and replace an extensive range of water cooling parts and accessories and, where necessary, provide an equitable replacement that will service the tower functionality accordingly.

Just some of the key suppliers we are able to support include:

APVCooltechF & RICSPolacel (Gea Polacel)Therm
AquafanCotterFlaktJacir (CoFinair)RaffelThermac
Balcke(Balcke-Duerr)DawHall ThermotankM.I.T.A.SPXVisco
Baltimore AircoilDecsaHamonMarley (SPX)StalWatermiser
CarterEvapcoHybridMekarSulzerWatertech Westinghouse
Cooling Tower Replacement Parts and Equipment
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