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We specialise in home cinema installation. Our experts will help you decide which home cinema system is best for you and your budget. We deisgn and install full-feature cinema rooms, home entertainment systems and home theaters.

In our home cinema installation, we take care of everything from setting your screen into the wall, or hanging a projection screen from the ceiling. The choices are endless.


To take your entertainment to new levels, we offer cutting-edge automation solutions to make your system a real show piece. Automation solutions can vary from an electric plasma or LCD mechanism that lowers your flat screen from the ceiling or the floor. We have also installed projection screens that automatically reveal themselves from the ceiling. The only limitation to our automation solutions is your imagination.

Multi-Room Audio

Our multi-room audio installation enables you to listen to your music throughout the house, or even in the garden. Our multi-room installation experts' can wire, cable and discretely position speakers and equipment to allow your music collection to be played - wherever you are in the home.

We can install your new multi-room environment with wireless functions to allow for total freedom.

Home Security

We work with Home Star Security to provide home security, fire and safety systems in your home.

Our security systems offer the highest level of security and protection for your family and home. Our unique product design will allow us to blend the system with the most modern interior decor. Our home security systems use wireless detectors and accessories ensure the installation is run without unsightly cables or conduits.

Film Screens

In our home cinema installations, we use Stewart Filmscreens -- the best possible home cinema picture. These high-end film screens are used by filmmakers. They are in editing suites, screening rooms and film production houses.

Visualix are proud to distribute Stewart Screens. To get the finest in film screens, contact our sales team now for a quote.

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