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Here at Visualux, we manufacture and supply contrast enhancement filters to reduce spurious reflections and enhance display images.  Our standard contrast enhancement filters are designed for use with most display panels, although we do produce custom shapes and sizes to meet you individual specifications. We manufacture filters with chemical resistant coatings and a variety of tints.


Red 2424 - LED

Red 6531 - High brightness or matched LEDs

Green 4720 -Vacuum Fluorescent

Grey 2711 - Any single or multi coloured display

Clear 0000  - LCD or any display

IR 306  - Infra Red

Manufactured from High Grade Optical Acrylic

Standard thickness 1.5mm - other thicknesses available to order

Standard thickness tolerance +/- 10%

Available with VT600 AntiReflective Surface Coating

We also offer a colour matching service

VT600 Anti-reflective surface treatment process


Cold Cathode Lamps (CCFL)

Here at Visualux, we specialise in the supply of a extensive range of cold cathode lamps (CCFL) for use in new equipment designs or existing products. Our cold cathode lamps (CCFL) are available in a wide variety of lengths and diameters to meet your requirements.

The benefits of cold cathode lamps include:

  • Long life
  • Creativity
  • Continuity
  • Colour
  • Control
  • High output
  • Low voltage electronic
  • Low energy
Cold Cathode Lamps (CCFL)

LED Backlighting

We design and manufacture high quality LED backlighting in a fantastic range of standard designs. We also create custom LED backlighting to meet your individual requirements. Our LED backlighting systems are used for parking meters, petrol pumps, train controls, and desktop displays.

LED Backlighting

CRU Dataport

CRU Dataport was founded in 1986 as a pioneer in data security and data mobility devices. We have been a distributer for CRU Dataport since 2006. We provide a supply hub for the CRU dataport and CRU data express to provide an ongoing continuation of RoHs compliant products. We supply over 182 products across the UK and Europe and support data security and data mobility devices.

CRU Dataport

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