Vitavia Garden Products Ltd


Vitavia Garden Products is the UK affiliate of Vitavia Group Europe, the leading supplier of greenhouses and accessories. We give greenhouse installation services throughout the UK, from our warehouses in Suffolk. We have a network of garden centres and building specialists who enable us to give you the best service when you want a great greenhouse.


We are proud to provide a vast selection of quality greenhouses, with every sale we make backed up by our second-to-none customer support and care.

Our range has been developed by our team, who have over 30 year's experience in the greenhouse industry sector and all products manufactured adhere to strict quality guidelines in our specialist factory.

A list of our greenhouse product range below;

- Venus
- Apollo
- Neptune
- Jupiter
- Pheonix
- Orion
- Saturn
- Hera
- Sirius
- Zeus

Greenhouse Accessories

We provide you with a wide range of accessories which bring life to your garden greenhouse. Staging accessories are available in green, black or anodised aluminium, where you can place your potted plants for more beauty.  We also give rigid or folding shelving where you can keep your products and flowers. A greenhouse should be properly aerated, and that is why we provide louver windows, roof vents, with automatic openers. Keep your plants under optimal conditions with our thermometer and hygrometers. Other accessories include bolts, nuts, downpipe drainage, bar capping and cresting. Your plants will be properly grown with our full range of products.

Wall Gardens / Lean-to

Wall gardens are beautiful greenhouses that are built from the side of the wall that faces the garden. The greenhouses are made of clear glass, to allow the maximum amount of light into the greenhouse. The doors open easily to allow air onto the greenhouse. This is great for people who do not have a lot of space, but would love to grow their own greenhouse plants, fruits and vegetables. The construction is easy and the greenhouse will be ready for use within a short time. Never worry about having a large greenhouse, when you can get these affordable wall gardens.

Garden Rooms

Relax and enjoy a day amongst your greenhouse plants with our bespoke garden rooms. These are glass rooms which serve as greenhouses for your plants but also have space where you can put furniture, and relax inside. You get a controlled, silent environment where you can enjoy some reading on a weekend afternoon. They are adequately aerated so you do not feel like you are in a stuffy room. There are many designs available, and you only need to choose that which appeals to you. Our garden rooms are easy to setup, and you will be enjoying time with your plants within a short period of time.

Cold Frames

Cold frames are ideal for growing and protecting a large variety of plants even when you are challenged for space. Ideally, cold frames can be referred to as mini greenhouses, which allow for the protection of young plants and seedlings from changing climates; you can now over-winter grown plants.

Vitavia provides you with two cold frame options

  • The Standard “Gaia” cold frame, which has 4mm of polycarbonate
  • The Jumbo “Gaia” cold frame, which is bigger allowing for the growth of your plants without having to transfer them; it comes with 3mm horticultural glass or 4mm polycarbonate.

All these are made from anodised aluminium, for pristine finishing and clean handling.

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