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Established in 1999, Vivalda has made a name for itself as one of the leading suppliers of decorative cladding to the construction industry. Vivalda's growth is testament to the convenience of having pre-cut building boards and decorative cladding delivered straight to customer’s sites - no waste, no damage, no problem!

Why Choose VIVALDA?

  • VIVALDA is the UK market leader when it comes to the distribution of; high performance cladding, panels, building boards, fire protection boards, cement bonded particle boards and composite panels.
  • By using VIVALDA, customers can be assured of a specialist service that includes:
  • Supplying all the leading cladding brands such as Trespa, Marley Eternit, Cembrit, Steni, Parklex, Rockpanel,  Max Exterior, Formica and Werzalit
  • Supplying all the leading building boards brands such as Marley Eternit, Cembrit, RCM, Rockpanel FS-Xtra, Promat, Fermacell and Viroc
  • Supplying all the leading framing systems and accessories brands such as Downers, Eurofox, Sika, Plasterstrip, Mainline, Fixfast, Ejot, Plastiflex  and Twinfix   
  • A complete quotation service, drawings estimation, technical advice and support
  • Nationwide locations throughout UK which offer; fast, efficient and reliable services with branches in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Hull and Scotland
  • 5 national workshops, providing detailed cutting, shaping and drilling services
  • On-site technical training, assistance and support including assisted site measures
  • Samples, literature plus technical guides and instructions
  • Punctual delivery from the VIVALDA transport fleet, including off-loading facilities
  • Product guarantees and expert knowledge


Decorative Cladding Panels

The range of decorative cladding VIVALDA distributes allows unlimited creative opportunities for designers to produce aesthetically interesting projects. VIVALDA’s portfolio of decorative cladding is manufactured from various natural materials and finishes, providing a wide choice of product options. Including cement bonded particle boards, high pressure laminate, stone aggregate, fibreglass and aluminium composite means you can be certain VIVALDA has the right product for any aesthetic finish or project.
VIVALDA positioned itself in the market as a major cladding fabricator and cladding supplier of moisture resistant panels and impact resistant panels adaptable and suitable for any exterior cladding application. VIVALDA decorative boards have many advantages including:
• High impact resistance
• Lightweight and easy to install
• Maintenance free stain and graffiti resistant
• Lightweight and strong
• Great range of surface finishes
• Easily fabricated
• Extensive colour range

Decorative Cladding Panels

High Performance Cladding Brands

VIVALDA position themselves as a major cladding supplier in UK, providing all the leading brands such as Trespa, Rockpanel, Steni, Cembrit, Prodema, Marley Eternit, Fundermax and many more.

VIVALDA supplies all the major cladding brands product included:

• Athlon, Meteon, Virtuon, Toplab from Trespa
• Rockclad, Rock Profile, Structure, Rockwool from Rockpanel
• Nature, Colour, Imago, duo, Terra, Effect, Stoneflex, Brick Effect, Modulflex, anti-slip, Agri flex, Flexstone from Steni
• Metro, Edge, True, Fusion, Cembonit, Cempanel, HD, Multi-purpose from Cembrit.
• Prodex, Prodin, Neptuno, Proligna, Supra, Laminium, Auditorium, from Prodema.
• Natura, Natura +, Natura Pro, Eterboard, Lamina external, Cedral Weatherboard, Operal, Pictura, Textura from Marley Eternit.
• Max Exterior F-Quality, Max Exterior NG/NM, Max Exterior Hexa from Fundermax.

High Performance Cladding Brands

General Purpose and Fire Protection Boards

VIVALDA are independent suppliers of all the major brands of building boards and fireproof boards such as Promat, Marley Eternity, RCM, Fermacell, Cembrit, and Viroc.

VIVALDA also offers a wide range of Cement Bonded Particle Boards also known as CPBP, Building Boards, CP boards, Backer Board, Carrier board or Sheathing Board. The main fire protection boards supplied are:

  • Supalux and Masterboard from Promat
  • Duripanel, Bluclad, Cedral Weatherboard, New Pyroc, Bluclad and Hydropanel from Marley Eternit
  • Cemboard and Superflex from RCM
  • Cempanel from Cembrit
General Purpose and Fire Protection Boards

Cement Particle Board

Cement Bonded Particle Boards also known as CP Boards, CPBP, Building Boards, CP boards, Backer Board, Carrier Panel, Sheathing Board are also available at VIVALDA. All the boards have different characteristics and strengths to meet specification requirements. Please contact your local VIVALDA branch to speak to a Cement Particle Board specialist.

Cement Particle Board

Composite Panels

With our in house CNC press brake, VIVALDA is able to manufacture such bespoke products as cill sections, flashings and trims. All types of composites are made to the highest degree of accuracy, including high pressure laminate, aluminium, stone aggregate, GRP, colour coated steel or leather grain plastisol. VIVALDA can cut and fabricate your composite panels to any size and shape. This will save you time and money by reducing waste and maximising workforce potential.

Composite Panels

Cutting and CNC Fabrication

VIVALDA's in-house fabrication facility can shape, drill, cut and finish to any specification: saving customers' time and money by reducing waste and maximising their onsite workforce potential. The evidence of VIVALDA's continuing investment is in its workshops, all four VIVALDA workshops have fully computerised laser cutting capabilities allowing them to execute the most technical of designs. VIVALDA in-house cutting and shaping facility offer the UK’s most reliable service due to the short lead times and accuracy of cut. Visit our website for more information.

Cutting and CNC Fabrication

Services and Delivery

By using VIVALDA you can be assured of a complete service, from helping design or layout your cladding to COSHH or health and safety information for the finished maintenance manual. VIVALDA’s sales team has been selected for technical expertise and industry knowledge, enabling their customers to call upon a varied and vast wealth of expertise. Further benefits available at VIVALDA are:


  • Complete cladding and building boards quotation service
  • Technical advice and support (cladding/building boards/composite panels)
  • Onsite training (cladding/building boards/composite panels)
  • Decorative cladding and general purpose building boards samples and literature
  • Drawing estimation for external cladding/building boards
  • Technical site assistance (cladding/building boards/composite panels)
  • Delivery of material to site (cladding/building boards/composite panels)
  • Assisted site measure (cladding/building boards/composite panels)
  • Product guarantee (cladding/building boards/composite panel 
Services and Delivery


Email us on or contact your nearest branch:

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VIVALDA's Environmental Policy

VIVALDA is aware that as a successful growing company it is responsible for the local environment, energy consumption, carbon emissions and its own recycling. As an environmentally responsible company VIVALDA has developed ways to contribute to these goals, with a view to continually improving environmental performance. Contact your local branch to learn more.


VIVALDA's Environmental Policy

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