voestalpine Rotec Ltd


voestalpine Rotec is an international group of companies that has specialised in the production, further processing and sales of precision steel tube products.

Precision steel tubes

Seamless precision tubes are used wherever a high level of measuring accuracy, smooth surfaces and improved resistance values are of the essence. These tubes are available in any desired dimension

Precision cut lenghts

For the first stage in the processing of precision steel tubes, i.e. cutting to length and end machining, voestalpine Rotec Group has more than 100 production lines.

Automotive tubular components

Airbag components

Axle housing tube

Hood Lifter

Tubular parts for seat belt and buckle pretensioner

Components for steering systems

Tubular parts for air suspension systems

Industrial tube components

voestalpine Rotec Group produces pressure vessels made of steel-, stainless steel and aluminium tubes, which are pressure-sealed on both ends by rotational forming – tightness tests can be reduced to a minimum level.


Fine-tuning the individual elements in just the right to place to make assemblies even more individual and intelligent: that is precisely the kind of flexibility that voestalpine Rotec and voestalpine Stamptec give you by combining their expertise in the fields of tube and sheet metal forming and joining.

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