VTM (UK) Ltd

VTM (UK) Ltd have in-house facilities and are suppliers of carbon composition resistors.

These carbon composition resistors are available in the RC series and have many enhanced features which include:

  • RoHS compliant/lead free
  • Ideal for pulse loading characteristics
  • Molded body for package uniformity
  • Non-inductive design

Surface Mount Resistors

As an international stockist with a wide range of surface mount resistors, VTM (UK) Ltd are always on hand to help with any queries or requirements and they always have a large amount of stock products available to order.

They supply surface mount resistors to their vast customer base across the world and they also represent many blue chip companies. The resistor product range includes:

  • High voltage chip
  • Fusable chip
  • Current sense
  • Metal oxide
Surface Mount Resistors

Carbon Film Resistors

If you are looking to choose from an impressive range of carbon film resistors, then look no further than VTM (UK) Ltd who have carbon film resistors available in a range of specifications and designs.

They have many beneficial and diverse features such as: exceptional long-term stability; a high resistance tolerance and low cost options when sourced from VTM. An array of packaging options are available, including:

  • Cut and formed
  • Radial panasert/avisert
  • Strip back
  • Bulk
Carbon Film Resistors


Inductors, which are also known as reactors or coils, are passive, duel-terminal electrical components.

Inductors are used to hold energy within a magnetic field and a typical design would be wound in loops. This design method enhances the magnetic field strength.


Electrolytic Capacitors

One of VTM (UK) Ltd's have an extensive ranges of electrolytic capacitors.

With a range of designs and specifications available, VTM's electrolytic capacitors are of the highest quality and are sourced from trusted designers and manufacturers, including:

  • Rubycon
  • Jamicon
  • Epcos
  • NIC Components Corp
  • Yageo
Electrolytic Capacitors


Crystals use the piezoelectric effect to generate and filter high frequencies.

Made from ceramic, crystals create exact frequencies. They are used in the design of other frequency generating components such as ceramic resonators and ceramic filters, which is a ceramic crystal utilised in the filtration of a band of frequencies found in radio receivers and similar products.

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