Vuototecnica UK Ltd

Here at Vuototecnica, we have been manufacturing vacuum pumps for over 35 years. We specialise in producing high quality bespoke vacuum pumps, suction cups, pneumatic pumpsets, and vacuum generators, to meet your individual requirements.

Vacuum Cups

We provide a immense collection vacuum cups and fittings.

Our specialist vacuum cups include:

  • Cups with support
  • Traditional cups with vulcanised support
  • Circular flat and bellow maxigrip cups
  • Maxigrip cup adapters
  • Articulated joints
  • Flat circular cups with support
  • Flat circular foam rubber cups with support
  • Gas - npt reductions
  • Self-locking cups with traction release 
Vacuum Cups

Vacuum Fittings and Hoses

We provide an impressive assortment of vacuum fittings and hoses. These range from fittings and caps to flexible hose fittings and everything in-between.

Our vacuum fittings and hoses include:

  • Hose ends
  • Fittings and caps
  • Rotating quick coupling fittings
  • Compressed air and vacuum flexible hoses
  • Tpr flexible hose fittings
Vacuum Fittings and Hoses

Special Products

We are constantly looking to develop new and special products to suit your requirements. 

Our fantastic selection of special products includes:

  • Degassifiers
  • Mobile system for resin vacuum infusion
  • Electric equipment for vacuum test
  • Pneumatic equipment for vacuum test
  • Suction units with syphon filter ga fs 5 and ga fs 10
  • Suction units with syphon filter ga fs 20 es ÷ ga fs 30 es
  • Safety suction units with syphon filter
  • Liquid-sucking pumpsets 



Special Products

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