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Walraven Group
The Walraven Group, with its headquarters in Mijdrecht, Netherlands, is today an internationally active enterprise with its own production facilities and sales offices in various countries. Walraven products are used by tens of thousands of installation companies in Europe, North America, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, Asia and Australia.

Decades of experience
Our products and know-how have guaranteed the highest quality for 70 years. Decades of experience and the performance of our expert tradesmen are priceless building blocks for our enterprise. We are proud of our history.

Developing and implementing innovative technical ideas enjoys a high priority at Walraven. The starting point is ease of use and saving time during installation coupled with an optimum in reliability. Our constant motivation is being innovative and leading in quality .

System philosophy
Each individual product is an important part of a total systems solution. Market oriented, innovative and fitting the needs of the customer.

Our 3 product systems:

  • BIS Fixing Systems - Fixings for heating systems, sanitary installations, sprinkler pipes, air ducts, cooling systems, cable throughs, solar panels and much more.

  • BIS Fire Protection Systems - Products for smoke proof and fire resistant sealing of pipe apertures and recessed light fittings, as well as products for the fire retardant fixing of pipes

  • BIS Sanitary Systems - Concealed Pre Wall systems, Alpro inspection hatches and many more products for sanitary installations.

For more information please contact our UK sales office on +44 (0)1295 75 34 00 or email sales.uk@walraven.com

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