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At Walsall Chemical Co, we specialise in supplying high quality purpose built cleaning systems as user and environmentally friendly alternative solutions to toxic chemicals.

Our ultrasonic cleaning equipment will cope with all the demands of the heavy industrial applications.

Built with stainless steel, they use heated water-based ultrasonic cleaning detergent. This means in addition to being inexpensive to run, they are perfectly suited to cleaning applications in electronic circuit board manufacturing, garages, workshop operations and precision automotive component cleaning.

Magido Top Loading Spray Wash Machines

Walsall Chemical are a UK Agent for Magido offering a cost effective and reliable range of top loading stainless steel spray wash machines. Magido are based in Milan Italy and have proven to be a cost effective and efficient product, especially in the automotive manufacturing and remanufacturing industries.

Magido Top Loading Spray Wash Machines

Spray Wash Cleaning Systems

Our spray wash cleaning systems are available in top loading and front loading varieties in addition to multistage inline conveyor systems and many more.

Built from stainless steel to the highest standard, top loading machines can be supplied with basket sizes from less than 400mm to 1.500mm in diameter.

Spray Wash Cleaning Systems

Degreasing Chemicals

For an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional toxic methods, we supply Envirosonic Ultrasonic decarbonising and degreasing chemicals.

The combination of our degreasing chemicals and Neo Envirostrip 2000 water-based paint decarbonisers act as a faster paint and carbon stripper than more traditional methods.

Degreasing Chemicals

Cleaning and Treatment Products

From graffiti and ink removers, powdered spray wash detergents and liquid soak wash detergents to rust inhibitors, phosphating chemicals and ultrasonic cleaning detergents, we supply a vast range of cleaning and treatment products.

Other products include the following:

  • Liquid spray was detergents
  • Powdered soak wash detergents
  • Decarboniser/paint stripping products
  • Chemical blacking processes including hot/cold systems
  • Oils, rust preventative and de-watering oils
Cleaning and Treatment Products

Press Room

Our press room includes all the latest products, innovations and news within our company. Keep up to date with the latest news from the Wallsall Chemical Company.

Press Room

Room Temperature Metal Blacking and Chemical Blacking with Nickel Free Solution

BLACK DIAMOND NF” is a Nickel Free Room Temperature Blacking Process for Iron & Steel Components

Due to hazards associated with nickel based compounds. Black Diamond NF offers the perfect alternative - Click Here. Black Diamond NF" is a Nickel Free Room Temperature Blacking Process for Iron & Steel Components.

Our “Nickel Free “ product has been supplied to Norway, Sweden , Denmark for nearly 10 years and recently Germany so is a tried & tested product.
Black Diamond NF offers the same quality finish and is used at the same dilution rate as conventional nickel type products. Black Diamond NF will give the same superb black finish and is used at the same dilution rate as the conventional nickel type products, but without the potential health implications of nickel in the workplace, making for a cleaner, healthier environment.

Nickel Free.
Water based product.
Energy efficient.
Non corrosive, does not fume.
Easy installation.
Low cost operation.
Low make-up concentrations
typically 1 part to 3 parts water.
Low maintenance.
Offers a clean environment.
Cost effective due to excellent product life.
No heating required.
Suitable for use in polyethylene tanks.


Typical Uses and Applications:
Black Diamond finds numerous applications across a wide range of industries.

Excellent for machine tool refurbishment.
Used in refurbishment of fuel injectors.
Widespread use in many engineering applications.
Firearm refurbishment operations


We can also supply you with bespoke process tanks and baskets

For a product sample or additional information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Room Temperature Metal Blacking and Chemical Blacking with Nickel Free Solution

"Black Diamond" Room Temperature Blacking Process of Iron and Steel

Black Diamonds room temperature blacking process is a simple dip operation specifically designed for in-house processing. The process does not materially affect dimensions and a uniform colouring is obtained over machined surfaces, threads and blind holes. Blacking is achieved by chemical conversion of the metal surface. The process entails degreasing, immersion in a surface conditioner, and blacking solution. Corrosion protection is afforded by a final immersion in a dewatering oil.

Bupi Cleaner Front Loading Spray Wash Machines UK

Walsall Chemical are the UK Agent for Bupi Cleaner who have been supplying wash machines to the UK for 60 years! Bupi Cleaner are based in Salzburg, Austria and are considered by most to be the original and the best enclosed aqueous spray wash wash machine on the market due to there robust construction and reliability. Bupi Cleaner offer standard front loading machines to a 1000 mm height capacity and a 1700 x 17000 mm load platform and a 1500 kilo weight capacity.

We also offer second hand/refurbished wash machines.

Bupi Cleaner Front Loading Spray Wash Machines UK

Metal Blacking

Metal Blacking, For a product sample or additional information please do not hesitate to contact us

Metal Blacking
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