Walter Logan and Co Ltd

Walter Logan is a UK supplier of quality German manufactured components for cable management and lighting.

Established in 1953 we have earned a reputation for service and believe that if the customer is not happy neither are we.

Our product include:-
  • Cable Management Systems
  • Cable Glands
  • Swivel Joints
  • Pllitsch - Blue Globe Cable Glands
  • Pflitsch - Cable Glands
  • Pflitsch - Trunking
  • Pflitsch - Ex Cable Glands
  • Pflitsch - EMC Cable Glands
  • Pflitsch - Mini Trunking
  • Geissel - Cable Glands
  • Otto Heil - Plugs & Sockets
  • Zipper - Zipper Tubing System
  • Meinzer - Swivel Joints
  • Reutlinger - Suspension Systems
  • Reutlinger - Shop & Display Systems
  • Flexal - Flexible Arms
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Reutlinger supply a vast range of suspension systems that can hang anything from 1 Kilo to a TUV certified load of 330 Kilos. Its major uses are in Lighting, Display, Shopfitting, Exhibitions and Art galleries to name just a few.

Its easy to use self locking system allows the fitting to be raised up the wire easily and lowered down to the correct position by pressing the top of the holder, screwdrivers or Allen keys are not normally required.

Reutlinger provide:

  • cable display systems
  • signage systems,
  • grip locks,
  • cable tensioners,
  • cable hanging systems and catenary
  • Suspension Systems
  • Shop and Display Systems
  • Heavy Duty Type 50s & 80s for Exhibitions, Museums and Fairs
  • Mini 1mm - 1.2mm



Pflitsch manufacture a complete range of cable glands, trunking and cable management systems to cater for EMC shielding, ATEX and its unique Uni Dicht attains it high protection to IP68. With an almost inexhaustible range of inserts one gland can allow entry for many cables, from a standard range of three 1mm cables into a M12 gland to eighteen 7mm cables into one M63 gland.

All glands are TUV certified and can be supplied in plastic, brass or stainless steel with inserts made from various plastics offering protection from -60C to + 200c low smoke, halogen free is also available.

Our products include

Zipper - Technik

Zipper offer cable protection sleeving and jacketing starting with its general purpose high quality, tough, flexible PVC tubing which is reliable for most applications. Easily modified for breakouts and branches.

For tough conditions a vinyl impregnated polyester cloth, for use where wires and cables are exposed to abuse, abrasion and where wear and tear strength really counts.

Find out more about Zipper - Technik on their website.

Otto Meinzer

Otto Meinzer produce brass swivel / knuckle joints for use in lighting manufacture.

Supplied in a variety of sizes and finishes, from thread sizes M8 x 1 to M 16 x 1.

Standard finishes Raw Brass & Chrome - colours also available.

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