Wares Ltd.

We are a product design and development company, providing a wide range of design services, creating and innovating products from ideas, right through to design-readiness-for-manufacture.

We offer:

  • New product design and development, from open to highly specific briefs.
  • Market research to inform and validate the position of your product within the marketplace.
  • Design research, considering all aspects of design, materials & process.
  • Prototyping/Model making, from form models to fully functional prototypes utilising extensive workshop facilities.
  • Current product refreshment, updating a style or redesign including new parts/ technology, giving old products a new life cycle.
  • Design of products and parts for manufacture as a certified Solidworks company.
  • Sourcing the manufacture for your product.
  • Presentation Services: Photographic, CAD and graphical presentations.

We want to work with you, clients who share the same drive to produce innovative products from conception to market. Contact us to see how we can help your business.
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