Washbrush Warehouse


At  Washbrush Warehouse we supply brushes and squeegees for road transport and food hygiene cleaning. We also have a huge range of colour coded products for food hygiene applications. Our product range includes cleaning equipment such as brushes, squeegees, scoops, shovels, scrapers, and cleaning trolleys.

We supply high quality, industrial, cost effective cleaning products. We have a huge range of brush products that ensures that the optimum design of brush can be provided for the most testing of applications. The design is extremely important to ensure that a brush is efficiently used for the job in hand. We have soft, medium and hard bristled brush heads, as well as combination bristled heads with a mixture of bristles for special applications.

Washbrush Warehouse can also provide advice and services for other cleaning equipment such as wash-down systems, pressure washers, floor cleaning scrubber drier machines, vacuums and dry steam cleaners. We have a close association with B & G Cleaning Systems Ltd which is one of the largest suppliers of cleaning equipment in the UK. Please contact us for advice on any cleaning problem as we have the experience to assist our customers to make cleaning, efficient and cost effective.

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