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We provide a range of stainless steel urinals in a choice of designs. The stainless steel wall hung trough urinals are heavy duty and available from stock in five standard sizes, or purpose made up to 3300mm long.

Other styles of stainless steel urinals include full height floor standing slab, and floor recessed slab urinals. We also provide stainless steel floor standing trough urinals with a removable trap shroud. These can be manufactured in any length up to 3300mm.

We also offer stainless steel bowl urinals. You can contact us for qualified advice on standard or specifically designed urinals.

Stainless Steel Wash Troughs

We have stainless steel wash troughs available in a variety of styles to match the majority of applications in nightclubs, schools and factories.

Our stock stainless steel wash troughs are 1.6mm thick with a tap landing in four standard lengths with tap holes to suit your requirements. We can manufacture purpose made tap landing wash troughs in any size up to 3300mm and in any width best suited to your requirement.

We also provide splashback style stainless steel wash troughs for use with wall mounted bib taps, and a stainless steel island wash trough made to any length.

Corian solid surface wash troughs are available in a choice of colours, lengths and styles with a selection of conventional or infra red taps. We can also supply a Twyfords vitreous china wash trough

Drinking Fountains

We have a comprehensive range of drinking fountains supplied in stainless steel.

Our stainless steel drinking fountains can either be wall hung or floor standing and can come in junior or adult height. We also provide a stainless steel pedestal drinking fountains and a wall mounted china drinking fountain. Coloured stainless steel drinking fountains are also available.

We also offer a full range of outdoor drinking fountains in heritage Victorian or contemporary designs.

Stainless Steel Wash Fountains

We have an extensive selection of stainless steel wash fountains and can supply them in either six or eight person designs.

Stainless steel wash fountains can be manufactured in junior or adult heights with circular or semi circular models. We also offer solid surface basin units and wash troughs.

Stainless Steel Toilets

Our range of stainless steel toilets are supplied in a diversity of designs including wall hung, pedestal and back to wall.

Our large selection of stainless steel toilets also includes close coupled, bariatric and disabled designs.

Water Coolers

We have a range of water coolers in granite or stainless steel and include floorstanding and floorstanding compact designs.

Our water coolers can also be wall hung, wall hung DDA approved, or recessed. We have a large range of water coolers in stock.

Stainless Steel Hand Driers

Our assortment of stainless steel hand driers are constructed from stainless steel and are offered in recessed and wall mounted versions.

Stainless steel hand driers can be supplied with a white coating and in a range of drying models including high speed.


We can supply Armitage Shanks china washbasins and stainless steel wall hung washbasins.

Our range of washbasins can be supplied in an extensive variety of sizes and designs.

Washroom Accessories

We have a broad range of stainless steel washroom accessories available from stock.

Washroom accessories include liquid soap dispensers and paper towel dispensers. We also offer stainless steel waste bins and combined waste bins and towel dispensers. We also supply shower seats and grab rails.

Cleaners Sinks

We provide a wide range of cleaners sinks in stainless steel. Cleaner sinks can be floor standing or wall mounted designs and include bucket sinks.

We stock a range of Armitage Shanks cleaners sinks including the Birch and Alder.

Hospital Equipment

Our comprehensive selection of hospital equipment includes an array of floorstanding and wall mounted sluice sinks and slop hoppers.

Our hospital equipment can be supplied from stock or as purpose made units, and the range also includes sluice units combined with sinks and drainers. We also offer plaster sinks, janitorial units, hospital sinks, and surgeons scrub up troughs. HTM64 approved china basins and thermostatic taps complement the range.

Washware Essentials

 With over 23 years experience Washware Essentials have a wealth of experience working in the commercial sanitaryware industry. We have been providing high quality solutions for the demanding environment of commercial and public washrooms and have designed and supplied products for public toilets, factory and office washrooms areas, school toilets and washrooms, and pubs and nightclubs.

Washware Essentials have also been involved with various projects starting from the initial design stage through to order and supply. Our products can be offered from stock, direct from the distributors or manufacturers, and are offered at highly competitive prices

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