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Ever since our establishment in the 1990s, we have been leading designers, manufacturers and engineers of incinerators throughout the UK. We are also the international market leading manufacturer and supplier of incineration systems.

Our vast supply of technically advanced, high-quality, economic, DEFRA 'type-approved' incinerators are suited to the disposal of all types of animal carcass, medical and clinical waste and municipal solid waste.

Incinerator Suppliers

We are specialist UK incinerator designers and world leading incinerator suppliers.

As international market leading incinerator suppliers, our vast selection of incinerators is utilised in many differing industry sectors. We supply incineration systems to livestock farms, veterinary surgeons, hunt kennels, game-keepers, hospitals and government departments.

Animal Incinerators

As leading designers and suppliers of incinerators, our product range is vast and includes numerous options in animal incinerators.

We supply animal incinerators ideal for the disposal of poultry, animal carcasses, individual sheep and many other incinerator requirements.

Medical Incinerators

From our website, you can choose from the selection of medical incinerators to suit your exact requirements.

Our variety of medical waste incinerators is vast and load capacities are available ranging from models capable of holding up to 100kg to models capable of holding up to 850kg. Differing burn rates and dimensions are also available with these medical incinerators.

Farm Waste Incinerators

Part of our extensive service includes the provision of farm waste incinerators.

As well as farm waste incinerators, such as the models Volkan 75 and Volkan 150, we supply incinerators suitable for poultry, pigs, cattle, sheep, pets, medical waste and game-keeping waste.

Large Capacity Incinerators

Our vast and all-application encompassing selection of incinerators includes various options in large capacity incinerators.

Our large capacity incinerators are well-suited to the incineration of larger volumes of poultry, pigs, sheep, cattle, pets and many other requirements. Our precisely designed incinerators are engineered, installed and supported to meet your specific needs.

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