Watchdogs Ltd

Watchdogs Ltd are a UK based security firm that specialises in providing professional drug detection services to clients from a wide range of public and private sectors. We would be delighted to provide you with a free quotation based on a brief risk assessment. Click on this Enquiry Form and a member of our team will contact you to discuss your requirements. Click on the following links for further information:-
Where there is valuable stock…

There will always be attempts by people to remove it from your premises. Our deterrent is visible and audible. Our dogs will deter even the most determined criminals from entering your premises. Our service is extremely cost-effective for your business.

Where there are large crowds…

At stately homes, public events, exhibitions and corporate days, there are individuals or groups that may attempt to disrupt your proceedings. Pickpockets, car thieves and drunks will always spoil someone else's day out. Our dogs are friendly to nice people.
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