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Waterscan is leading the UK in water management

Waterscan have been providing specialist water management solutions to a broad range of customers since 1994.  Working with our clients identifying inefficient use of water and to offer bespoke strategic solutions to reduce their water cost and radically improve efficiency to preserve this precious natural resource.

Neil Pendle founded Waterscan in 1994 and focused on helping industrial users control water supply and trade effluent charges. Since then Waterscan has expanded to provide services to all sectors.  Waterscan has specialists within each service area to ensure we offer a full service solution to all our clients. Waterline, our online water management software is a unique offering to the market and incorporates our entire bureau of services including invoice validation, benchmarking, AMR and reporting.

In November 2013, Waterscan achieved the ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification and became one of the first dedicated water management companies in the UK to receive the approval mark. The internationally renowned ISO 9001:2008 standard sets the criteria for a quality management system and is widely recognised in over 170 countries by in excess of one million companies.

Our success depends on attracting and retaining the most talented professionals in their respective fields. We provide an environment in which they are able to apply their skills and experience to address our clients' varied needs.

Waterscan has dedicated teams throughout the company from Account Managers to Waterline Analysts, Operations and Engineering Technicians. All of our staff are experienced and trained to the highest level. Our key specialists are focused on Surface Water, Trade Effluent and Water Recycling.

Surface Water Surveys

Complete review of a sites surface water drainage

Many companies do not realise they are being over-charged for water services, in particular surface water drainage, and are eligible to claim savings back from the water companies.

The savings are achieved by using the latest mapping software to identify sites that potentially have been over-charged. The sites are then surveyed, drawings are prepared and applications submitted to the water companies to refund the potential overcharges. 

Through our expert knowledge and complex processes we follow over £2.8 million in refunds have been achieved for our customers since March 2012.

Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting can reduce mains water consumption by 30%

Rainwater harvesting often forms a vital component of an organisation's water strategy as it can save up to 75% on potable water bills as part of a total water management project.

Use rainwater for:

Flushing toilets
Cleaning processes
Cooling water processes (e.g. refrigeration, cooling towers)

Design, Supply and Installation

Waterscan provide rainwater harvesting surveys and design suitable rainwater harvesting systems as part of a complete package including supply and installation. Each system comprises of two components: a storage tank with integral filter and a WaterManager to deliver rainwater to the point of use.

Grey Water Recycling

Water consumption can be reduced by as much as 20%

Greywater recycling is ideally suited to hotels, leisure centres, large office and residential blocks as it recycles water used in baths and showers to flush toilets and irrigate gardens.

Waterscan launched the improved GW750, the added benefits of the new GW750 are:

Low energy usage (2kwh per m3) - about £0.24 per m3
Combined rainwater harvesting and greywater management in a single system
Integrated remote control - everything in one
Improved return on investment - as low as 2.5 years in some cases
Volume of water re-used can be recorded on Waterline, Waterscan's unique online water management and reporting package, and monitored easily

Leak Detection and Repair

UK wide water leak detection for commercial and industrial customers

Leak Detection

Water leaks, if undetected, cost companies through water consumption charges, reduced water pressure, material damage and if in a sensitive area loss of business/production. A moderate leak (1 litre per second) on the mains would add approximately £55,000 on an annual bill.

Leaks can exist underground for years without being detected and frequently where water is seen breaking the surface is not where the pipe is actually leaking. Our highly skilled team of leak detection engineers can pinpoint water leaks precisely, ensuring that the leak repair can be carried out in the shortest time possible, reducing the cost of the repair to the client and with minimal disruption to the site. 

As part of a site survey, a comprehensive water leak detection and location regime is deployed.

All mains water supplies are mapped and zones established
Flow rate and average daily usage is recorded
Flow and pressure tests are conducted
Sounding techniques are deployed with acoustic correlation and ground microphones to pinpoint the leak location.

No disruption to the water mains or site operations occur during the survey. Different techniques are employed to first narrow the search for the leak into a zone then pinpoint the leak, typically to less than half a metre. Some of the techniques employed are pipe tracing, step testing, sounding and correlation.

Water Leak Repair

Once Waterscan have precisely located the leak our civil engineering crews can then carry out the necessary repair. This work could include:

 Repair/replacement of external water supplies
 Reinstatement of all surface types

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