Wavelength Electronics Ltd


Wavelength Electronics Limited is a supplier of electronic components to the UK. They represent a wide range of overseas manufacturers and strive to provide a cost effective distribution service.

Wavelength Electronics Limited provides their customers with access to the facilities, capabilities and electrical components of their manufacturers.

Wavelength Electronics Limited is a UK representative for:


  • AEM
  • API Delevan
  • Astrodyne
  • Corning Gilbert
  • Clairex
  • Cofan USA
  • Cornell Dubilier
  • E-Switch
  • Inficon EDC
  • Megaphase
  • NLS
  • OPT Hellas
  • Presidio
  • Q-Tech
  • State Of The Art
  • US Sensor


Wavelength Electronics Ltd is the UK representative for SMC Diode Solutions, Sangdest Microelectronics Co, the original foundry for a broad range of Diodes, Zener Diodes, Rectifiers, Ultra Fast Schottky Rectifiers, Ultra Low VF Trench Schottky Rectifiers, Transient Voltage Suppressors, ESD Protection Devices and Power Modules. SMC offer Diodes, Rectifiers, TVS and Power Modules in all of the commonly available package sizes and types for SMT, through hole and heat sink mount applications. SMC can provide all of the testing required to qualify their diode solutions for the most demanding applications from LCD televisions who demand “no rejects” to Aerospace and Avionics who want proven reliability. Please consult Wavelength Electronics Ltd the high reliability component specialists for more information about the SMC products and capabilities.


Q-Tech Corporation's products are state-of-the art and can be used in a selection of industries.

Q-Tech manufactures complete US oscillators and crystals. Their range includes standard clock oscillators and RAD hard space rated TCXO's.

Q-Tech design and manufacture their products to an extremely high standard. They are renowned for their excellent customer service and prompt delivery.

API Delevan

API Delevan is a manufacturer of inductors, power inductors, RF coils, chokes and transformers based in America. Their products are MIL-PRF-39010 accredited to ensure they are of the highest quality.

API Delevan is able to offer bespoke manufacturing facilities as well as producing a wide range of standard products. They have a team of engineers, who have accumulatively over 60 years of experience in the industry. API Delevan ensure they produce high quality products by using their modern environmental labs, testing capabilities and a R&D department. 

State of the Art

State of the Art is a leading supplier of thick and thin film resistive components for a wide selection of industries, including:  Communications, Aerospace, Defence and Biomedical.

State of the Art strives to provide their customers with high quality and extremely advanced technology and is renowned for their prompt and courteous customer service.



Cornell Dubillier

Cornell Dubilier is a leading manufacturer for the power electronics market. They specialise in the production of capacitors for power electronic applications. Their principle markets include power supplies, motor rives, HVAC, Aerospace and Telecommunications. Furthermore, they are dedicated to advancing capacitor technology for new applications.

Cornell Dubilier has ISO-9001 registered facilities located around the world. This allows them to serve customers worldwide in a quick and efficient manner.

Power Film Capacitors

Wavelength Electronics Ltd can supply a wide range of power film capacitors.

Their 947C power film capacitors have higher voltage and current ratings. This allows them to replace complex series-parallel combinations of aluminium capacitors. Their 947C power film capacitors are perfect as DC Link capacitors for wind, solar and fuel cell inverters.


Astrodyne TDI is an international leader when it comes to the design and manufacturer of Custom EMI/EMC/RFI filters.

From its in house and on site services through to research, development, production and sales, Astrodyne TDI is uniquely positioned as a true global leader.

Wavelength Electronics is able to offer a complete range of power line filters from Astrodyne TDI including both standard and customised solutions to meet the customer’s exact specifications.

Products under this category include EMI/EMC solutions that range from small 1-phase components through to powerful 2500A/690V industrial purpose 3-phase filters most of which carrying international approvals (UL, CSA, CE).

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