Wayland Sheet Metal and Fabrications Ltd

We undertake a diversity of work using mild steel and stainless steel like CNC Laser cutting, plasma profiling, tube bending, and welding.

Our CNC Laser cutting services are committed to quality and all our projects are subject to stringent quality standards, our team are highly skilled and bring many years of experience to your project. All employees are also accountable for their work and each component can be traced back to the individual who worked on it.

Our new state of the art laser cutting machine enables greater flexibility in cutting much thicker material whilst at the same time delivering even greater accuracy and finish.

We are ISO 9001:2001 compliant and with our in-house finishing services mean we can delivery your completed project in record time.

Laser Cutting

We are a well established company and aim to make your component purchasing easier by supplying top quality bespoke metal work and efficient and hassle-free services, like laser cutting.

We have heavily invested in our company and now have a wider range of facilities allowing us to offer an even broader choice of services. The installation of a Trumpf L3030B Flying Optic Laser Cutting Machine has greatly enhanced our laser cutting services. We can now provide an exceptional quality of cut to the most intricate design requirements.

  •  High Precision & Accuracy.
  •  No tooling required.
  •  High speed & reliability.
  •  No de-burring or finishing required due to high quality of laser.
  •  Complex shapes can be cut easily from CNC programmes.
  •  Laser cutting is a non-contact process, eliminating tool wear.
Laser Cutting

Sheet Metal Punching

We specialise in CNC and sheet metal punching, as well as sheet metal fabrication and sheet metalworking. Our sheet metal punching is undertaken by our Wiedemann CNC Centrum 3000 Turret Punch. This machinery provides us with a scope of options to handle any requirement.

Sheet metal punching can be done in mild steel, stainless or aluminium steel. We also have the solution if you require something more bespoke.

Sheet Metal Punching

Laser Cutting Sheet Metal

Our new state-of-the-art laser cutting facilities can deal with a wide range of sheet metal requirements and now have a working area of:

  • X-axis: 3000mm 
  • Y-axis: 1500mm 
  • Z-axis: 115mm

Our laser cutting machine is capable of cutting materials like;

Mild steel to 25mm

Stainless steel to 20mm

Aluminium to 20mm.

Copper 8mm

Brass8 mm

Manufacturers will recommend capacities dependent on the grade and quality of the material.

Laser Cutting Sheet Metal

Laser Profiling Services

Our complete laser profiling services offer customers a one stop shop of high quality processes. From our up to date manufacturing plant in Heywood we handle entire processes from initial CAD drawings to fabrication, punching and welding.

Undertaking our full range of laser profiling services in-house means we give the quickest possible turnaround without compromising quality.

Laser Profiling Services

Sheet Metal Fabricators

We are expert sheetmetal fabricators who work closely with our customers to meet their exact requirements. We undertake all pre-production and manufacturing processes at our manufacturing plant to ensure consistent quality and service. Our reputation for outstanding quality originates from the calibre and training of our workforce.

We are a family-run sheetmetal fabricator and always strive to generate positivity in order to create a close-knit team and friendly working environment, resulting in great benefits for our customers. We continue to invest in our machinery and plant and are continuously adding to our diversity of services.

Sheet Metal Fabricators

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